Six word Saturday


The Algarve produces some beautiful shadows.



img_5931Just wandering, as I like to do, in the Eastern Algarve, I found myself chasing shadows in the area of Lota.  The combination of lagoon, beach and boardwalk is an enticing one.  I loved the delicacy of the shell patterns, and a chance find- a sea urchin.


The Weekly Photo Challenge has confused me a little by moving to a Wednesday.  But I didn’t let it cast a Shadow on my week.  Well, perhaps one or two!  A little like the six words that I like to share with you here on a Saturday.

Apologies in advance to those of you who walk with me on Mondays.  Next week there will be no blue sky.  Have a great weekend!



  1. When there is sun, there are shadows. 🙂 Today, I was lucky as well, following my own shadow on a hike in the sunny hills of Southern California. Tomorrow is our last day here, just when the grey skies decided to turn blue.

  2. Just one big enormous shadow today! Have arrived back to heavy rain, although I fortunately missed yesterday’s weather which resulted in flooding in the far east Algarve 😦 Apparently will be better by end of week, hope so.

      1. Fingers crossed it improves for you on Wednesday!
        I feel so sorry for all the holidaymakers who arrived this weekend for the first half term. Think those whose half term is next week will have a much better week.

  3. Loved those wooden boardwalks in Portugal and your photos bring back great memories. I did a whole series of paintings based on shadows ~ I like the way you captured the strong shadow from the railings and the more delicate wire one.

  4. Ahhhh Jo that boardwalk photo reminded me of hiking the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey. I miss it so much! Thanks for these beautiful images, and I look forward to following in your wonderful shadows.

  5. The beautiful boardwalk calls to me. I love the way you captured the shadow at the edge of the seashells. Shadows add to the warmth of the photo. I’m cold today…would love to be out in the sunshine! 🙂

  6. Ooh I love your small visions as well as the larger view Jo ! So bright jumping off my screen after such a dull day here . A sprinkle of cold on the Hills last night – but then a tablecloth al la Table Mountain today but not half so picturesque descended lol
    Lovely selection you’ve chosen for the challenge x

    1. I scurried down to zumba and back, Poppy, and I’ve barely moved from the chair since. Dreary grey skies and rain, but the promise of better to come. 🙂
      Thanks, darlin’. It’s lovely to share a bit of bright 🙂 🙂

  7. STOP IT! You and Becky are driving me to distraction with your Algarve posts. I keep thinking I have made an awful mistake and should have twisted the OH’s arm more to get us further south. It looks so beautiful and warm; all those flowers (Becky), boardwalk, blueness and sand…
    OK. I shall calm down. I do have most of that, just not the heat and not quite as much sun. Trouble is with us leaving the EU is knowing how that is going to affect us as buyers in Portugal. Perhaps I should follow Becky’s idea of renting an apartment during the winter months…

    1. That could be an excellent idea, Jude. To make you feel better I should point out that it’s raining there today. Becky is actually briefly in the UK so she’d be wet either way 🙂 🙂

  8. LOL, no, the move of date obviously didn’t cast a shadow on your week, Jo. The walk with all kinds of shadows is treat for the eye. Makes us feel warm again after a day out in the sunshine in Norway. -4° and sun are great, but if we could have your snow, we’d be even happier. 🙂
    Wishing you a great weekend.x

  9. Would love to go shell-collecting there! You found a portion of an oyster shell (?), a coquina, and a scallop shell. In any event, the pictures made me long for the beach, shadows or not!

  10. So many different kinds of shadows you spotted, Jo. Lovely walk along the water and it is a lovely blue sky. Those shells look every so relaxed on the sand…just waiting to have their picture taken 😉 It’s a cloudy and a bit wet weekend here in Melbourne, Australia. Hope you are having a good weekend and stay safe 🙂

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