Six word Saturday


How many dwarves can you name?


Walking the back streets of the Algarve, it’s amazing what you can find.  It’s simply impossible to be bored.


It’s ages since I shared any windows.  Dawn has a long running challenge, A Lingering Look at Windows.  I bet you have one or two just waiting to be shared.  And it’s always necessary to have six words handy on a Saturday.

Hope you have a good one!



  1. I know my Snow White trivia! I was at Disneyland this last week, too…not quite as exciting as the Algarve. LOL! I do love the weathered blue casement. You have a great eye for finding the best detail, Jo.


      1. Having a difficult time with speading of breast cancer to liver, lining of lungs and outside covering of brain. That is why I haven’t done too much blogging. I will endure.


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