Six word Saturday


How many dwarves can you name?


Walking the back streets of the Algarve, it’s amazing what you can find.  It’s simply impossible to be bored.


It’s ages since I shared any windows.  Dawn has a long running challenge, A Lingering Look at Windows.  I bet you have one or two just waiting to be shared.  And it’s always necessary to have six words handy on a Saturday.

Hope you have a good one!



  1. I know my Snow White trivia! I was at Disneyland this last week, too…not quite as exciting as the Algarve. LOL! I do love the weathered blue casement. You have a great eye for finding the best detail, Jo.

      1. Having a difficult time with speading of breast cancer to liver, lining of lungs and outside covering of brain. That is why I haven’t done too much blogging. I will endure.

  2. Lovely photos and it looks so warm…interesting windows and I do love that blue on the houses – exact same as the sky! Six words are just too little – glad you just fudge the rules a bit! Out on a walk today and I had to do a double take as this child-like doll was stood up in the window – rather spooky looking! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! 😀

    1. Hiya, darlin 🙂 It was certainly a lot warmer than here. We made a swift trip to some local Chinese New Year celebrations today. Rubbish photos though! It was a very wiggly dragon 🙂 🙂

      1. Hi Jo, it sure is, and so nice to see all the beauty! 🙂 Thanks so much for your reciprocal visit and kind comment on my blog today. As for my crock pot chicken and potatoes, would you believe I added only a little salt and pepper? I use cooking spray before putting the food in my cooker, as it makes for easy clean up afterward. Oh, and you can find some great crock pot recipes on YouTube! As well, you can do a search in Google for ‘easy crock pot recipes’. I don’t usually follow recipes, just make up my own ideas, but I do use a recipe from time to time. 🙂

  3. Doors and windows have always fascinated me during our travels. You certainly do capture the feeling and history of the Algarve through your wonderful photos.

  4. So many different colors, shapes, curves and details. And a deep blue sky to go with that. Just one glance at your photos and one knows they are taken outside of the U.K.! 🙂

  5. There won’t be a stone left unturned soon in Tavira Jo. Love to see those windows and the peeling paint. What is it about peeling paint that attracts so many of us? I’d be aghast to have my home in such a condition. Saying that I have noticed the exterior of the conservatory looking a little shabby. Maybe a job for the warmer weather though. It is a little chilly out there at the moment, sunshine and showers today and I have been happily bird-watching in the garden for the RSPB birdwatch weekend. I have a little walk for you going up tomorrow, so watch out for it (on the Cornish blog).
    Stay warm!

    1. I’ll have to look further afield, Jude 🙂 Sssh- don’t mention that to Mick! They’re not all Tavira, as it happens 🙂 Home maintenance- that’s the down side to Algarve life! The outside walls are in distinct need of a coat of paint. Thanks, hon- I’ll watch out for it. 🙂 I went chasing Chinese dragons today but they were too swift for me 😦

  6. Your dwarves made me laugh out loud, brilliant 🙂 and I love it when I recognise a place in a photo, the Tavira hotel is unforgettable. I found it on my first early morning walk and found a lady walking her dogs to chat to, a walk is always a success if I can make someone talk to me!
    I haven’t done a windows post for ages either, but I must find a 6WS first of all. Have a lovely day honey, Zumba time?

    1. Still not fit enough for zumba, Gilly. Made it to tai chi for the first time this week yesterday. Debs has reminded me that it’s Chinese New Year so I might look for something locally. It’s wet here at present but I think it’ll pick up. 🙂 🙂 Have a happy long weekend! How was Ikea?

      1. Oh poo but more important to take care of yourself darling, you’ve got a trip to take 🙂 Did you see the Florence program the other night? It made me want to go even more, I expect your photos will as well.
        We didn’t go to Ikea, The conservatory base is taking ages to dry and the flooring can’t go down until it has. So having even more stuff piled up waiting in such a small space would be just too much! It’s al dragging on a bit now, heyho. Big hugs x

      2. Plenty of reminders for me….I went in the early 80s, no queues for the Uffizi, and climbed all those stairs to near the top of the dome, what a view!

    1. Thanks, Debs 🙂 I’m always conflicted on a Saturday because I like to use the Daily Post challenge. While I was looking for the photos I wanted I bumped into the dwarves 🙂 Swift change of direction!

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