Six word Saturday


Just one last ‘Presepio de Natal’


In the hilltop village of Alferce, in Portugal’s Algarve, a gathering is taking place on the streets.

Wise men, shepherds and curious onlookers, they have come to see the Nativity scene at the heart of the village.  And who can blame them?

Isn’t it beautiful?  If graceful can be said to be “full of grace”, I think this qualifies for the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Don’t you agree?

Pop in and see Cate if you have six words to share, too.



  1. Jo this is such a beautiful little place and I see with joy that they keep up with their own age long tradition. At first I thought they were real people (my eyes!!!) 🙂 – thanks for sharing this with us. Hugs to you


    1. Just flu, hon. I was bopping about to Long Tall Sally while I did some housework and it started another coughing fit so I’m back to the blog. Obviously h/w doesn’t agree with me. Couldn’t be Little Richard could it? 🙂 🙂 Cheered me up, anyway.

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  2. Life size models as well as the crib, Alferce is amazing. I hope you’re feeling better sweetheart, and manage some fresh air perhaps? I think it’s going to be sunny here today, I’m off to north Devon to see my ex husbands mums for her 90th birthday. Have a nice day, you’re off away soon aren’t you? Gxx


    1. Sounds like a lovely day for you, Gilly. Have a lovely time 🙂 I might wimp out and stay huddled in front of the tennis with my sunshine images of the Algarve. There was a lovely little swimming pool at the back of Alferce, looking out on the hills.
      James is arriving this evening and we’ll have a birthday meal out tomorrow. I met my friend Ann in our marina yesterday and I was goosed after. Florence not till the end of Feb. Looking forward to watching it on Invisible Italian Cities this week. Naples and Venice were amazing. Hugs, honeybun!


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