Six word Saturday


Trick or treat,  in Autumn glory



I had no real intention to post today but I couldn’t resist sharing a little of this joy.  I managed to escape for a few hours to Thorp Perrow Arboretum yesterday.  I made it the subject of a Monday walk around this time last year, so I remarked to my husband that the camera would probably stay tucked in my pocket.  He didn’t believe me, and nor should you.


The leaves were wonderfully crispy.  Just perfect for hurling in the air, or over poor Dad.  I couldn’t help but smile, the youngsters were so gleeful.

From in amongst the glorious foliage, squeals and screams emerged, accompanied by rapidly clapping hands.  The applause, correctly performed, caused the eyes of the witches and skeletons to gleam- a source of great entertainment for young and old alike.

Surprising how much one Autumn can differ from another.  The sky was bluer when I was here last, but the trees in this 100 acres of woodland seemed less vivid.  This year the assault on my senses was overwhelming.



The Halloween activities finish this weekend, but the Autumn colour may last a little while yet.  If you’re in the area, Thorp Perrow is a beautiful place to be, as was Jude’s Bolfrack’s Garden this month.  I’m squeezing in at the very last minute but there’ll be a new theme for the Garden Challenge on Sunday.

I’m also running out of time for Verena’s Festival of Leaves.  Oh dear!  Such a lot happening in my six words.  Can’t argue with Cate’s six words this week!  Let’s get out there and kick some leaves.  See you on Monday!



  1. Dazzling colours, perhaps more so because of the grey sky? And what wonderful Halloween surprises, especially the witches. Imagine you leaving your camera in your pocket, hahahaha that was never going to happen!

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    1. The colours were truly fabulous, because it’s been such a warm September/October I think. They’re falling pretty rapidly now and it’s definitely a bit nippy 😦 😦 Hugs, sweetheart!


  2. I went out for a similar fall garden walk yesterday, and my poor husband had to stop every few feet while I snapped and snapped photo after photo, which I had no intention of doing. It’s just impossible to resist the warmth and glow of those colors, isn’t it?

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  3. I feel like my computer screen does not do these amazing colours justice 😉 These vibrant reds and golds – simply stunning. Jo, thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos! x

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  4. Sometimes the fall colours are at their best without competition from a brilliant blue sky. Did your Dad celebrate Zaduszki? Wiki tells me it is a public holiday in Poland. I will try to remember to light a candle for him. 🙂


    1. Maybe when he was a youth, Ann, but I’d never heard of it till now. Thank you so much for your kindness. 🙂 It’s Divali today- another celebration for many. I’m hopefully going out to kick some leaves soon.

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      1. We have celebrated Diwali with friends in Christchurch tonight. So much delicious food, but we had to leave before the fireworks. The lamps were lit though. It was lovely.


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