Six word Saturday


Trick or treat,  in Autumn glory



I had no real intention to post today but I couldn’t resist sharing a little of this joy.  I managed to escape for a few hours to Thorp Perrow Arboretum yesterday.  I made it the subject of a Monday walk around this time last year, so I remarked to my husband that the camera would probably stay tucked in my pocket.  He didn’t believe me, and nor should you.


The leaves were wonderfully crispy.  Just perfect for hurling in the air, or over poor Dad.  I couldn’t help but smile, the youngsters were so gleeful.

From in amongst the glorious foliage, squeals and screams emerged, accompanied by rapidly clapping hands.  The applause, correctly performed, caused the eyes of the witches and skeletons to gleam- a source of great entertainment for young and old alike.

Surprising how much one Autumn can differ from another.  The sky was bluer when I was here last, but the trees in this 100 acres of woodland seemed less vivid.  This year the assault on my senses was overwhelming.



The Halloween activities finish this weekend, but the Autumn colour may last a little while yet.  If you’re in the area, Thorp Perrow is a beautiful place to be, as was Jude’s Bolfrack’s Garden this month.  I’m squeezing in at the very last minute but there’ll be a new theme for the Garden Challenge on Sunday.

I’m also running out of time for Verena’s Festival of Leaves.  Oh dear!  Such a lot happening in my six words.  Can’t argue with Cate’s six words this week!  Let’s get out there and kick some leaves.  See you on Monday!



  1. Dazzling colours, perhaps more so because of the grey sky? And what wonderful Halloween surprises, especially the witches. Imagine you leaving your camera in your pocket, hahahaha that was never going to happen!

    1. The colours were truly fabulous, because it’s been such a warm September/October I think. They’re falling pretty rapidly now and it’s definitely a bit nippy 😦 😦 Hugs, sweetheart!

  2. So many of our trees are still green as there was no hard frost yet to start them changing. Very odd.
    Your leaves so vibrant and abundant. Just gorgeous.

  3. I could almost smell Autumn in the air when I was looking at these pictures, Jo. This took me back to my childhood hometown in a far chillier climate than I am in now. Wonderful post! xxxx

  4. I went out for a similar fall garden walk yesterday, and my poor husband had to stop every few feet while I snapped and snapped photo after photo, which I had no intention of doing. It’s just impossible to resist the warmth and glow of those colors, isn’t it?

  5. I feel like my computer screen does not do these amazing colours justice 😉 These vibrant reds and golds – simply stunning. Jo, thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos! x

  6. Sometimes the fall colours are at their best without competition from a brilliant blue sky. Did your Dad celebrate Zaduszki? Wiki tells me it is a public holiday in Poland. I will try to remember to light a candle for him. 🙂

    1. Maybe when he was a youth, Ann, but I’d never heard of it till now. Thank you so much for your kindness. 🙂 It’s Divali today- another celebration for many. I’m hopefully going out to kick some leaves soon.

      1. We have celebrated Diwali with friends in Christchurch tonight. So much delicious food, but we had to leave before the fireworks. The lamps were lit though. It was lovely.

    1. Let you into a secret, Sue. I hate Halloween! Always have! My daughter once brought Halloween to the Algarve when I thought I’d escaped by going there. It did make me smile 🙂

  7. You found a beautiful spot to visit on an autumn day. It’s overcast here today and sprinkling off and on, and yet, as you said above, the colors are vibrant.

  8. Autumn is very colourful this year, but not so many days with blue sky instead it has been very gray and rainy here. Lovely colours of leaves and red trees, an I do like those skelletons and whitches.

  9. What a wonderful assortment of Fall in her finest – love this walk, and so glad you had your camera in your pocket (ha, ha)! Happy that you are out and about.

  10. Such vibrant colors! Autumn is here… Last year, back east, we experienced it fully. Now, out west, we just see a little bit of yellow. The temperatures are dropping, but the few palm trees will remain green (I assume). 🙂 All I seem to think is how much I like the tropics and hate the winter. We might have to go back south.

    1. I have to admit I never look forward to Winter, Liesbet, and it always follows hard on the heels of even the loveliest Autumn. The clocks go forward here this weekend and we’re plunged into early gloom 😦

    1. I actually haven’t taken a camera anywhere with me since we came back to the UK, Mlissabeth. Dad died while we were over there and it has taken the wind out of my sails.

  11. Thank you for assaulting my senses too. This is a wonderful tribute to autumn, and to the way the world always demands a camera. I’m reeling a bit. J returns to Australia on Tuesday. Decided this morning and bought a ticket at the airport. Your post anchored me in beauty!

    1. Oh, Meg! That’s sudden 😦 Weather getting to him? You’ll find twin minding much harder without him, and how’s he going to explain to them he’s missing home? I’ve a good mind to march over there and give him a piece of my mind! (just a small one- I can’t spare much 😦 ) I’m sorry, hon. Not going to change his mind?

      1. Ticket’s bought. He’s ambivalent, but he hasn’t been absolutely well for six weeks, and he’s not getting better. Yes it will be harder with the twins and they dote on him. I anticipate weaning time. He’s planning to come back after 6 weeks R&R in the bush. I know him of old, and a piece of anybody’s mind would make no difference: his own mind is serving up anything we could offer!

      2. That would bring him back in time for Christmas. Maybe not so bad then, to have him feeling fully fit? Think how swiftly 6 weeks can go. Wish I could be there to help.

      3. You’d be great fun! But please don’t worry about me. She’ll be apples. And you are in the midst of your own busyness. This isn’t unexpected. Everyone’s amazed he lasted so long.

  12. Impossible to take a camera and expect it to stay in your pocket. Now what good would that do? I think the trees are much more colourful this year perhaps because they had that lovely hot spell in early September that pushed out all those sugars 🙂 I know on my drive to Surrey last week I was very pleased to see the colours lining the roads – red, burgundy, pink, copper, bronze, yellow – almost as good as New England! Should have stopped in a parking layby and grabbed a few shots. Not much in the way of trees here. I am always reluctant to kick leaves though in case there is dog poo lurking beneath…

  13. Fall is such a beautiful season, don´t you think dear Jo?… I am now wondering if it looks even better than spring…at least when it comes to photography… In any case, sending love and best wishes from this Springful Southern Hemisphere of mine!!!!: Aquileana 😀

  14. My, my. Those are some strong autumnal colours. Wonderfully done, and it looks like there are plenty of leaves to play with. Hope you make the most of it, Jo 😉 Never too old to roll around in some leaves and have fun 😀 Lovely perspective as usual with the photos.

    1. Aren’t they fabulous? Makes me want to be outdoors all the time. 🙂 I walked down through our local park to zumba this morning and it was lovely, though not quite so spectacular. Getting back to normal in my own slow way, Mabel. Wishing you a great weekend!

  15. just stunning, Jo. We have the same kind of color, still. Usually it’s gone by mid October, but this year I suspect the tree clocks have been thrown off by the dry year…but yeah, this blows me away.

      1. I hope you’re feeling better, and Im glad you could enjoy these and share them with us. it has been an amazing autumn, we still have blotches of color, in spite of the rain and wind and cold. it’s like they just don’t want to let go…

      1. Don’t you wish you could join them? I remember my girls doing so – and they used to love it! They used to do so with so much abandon.

  16. Simply gorgeous Jo. Beautiful colours. I love autumn. Not just for the big change in colours and temps, but it’s always felt like the start of something new to me. New school year, new university year, even (!) parliament going back after the summer recess.

      1. It was odd when my dad died. He went into hospital with a bad cold or something on Xmas Eve. I left Spain on Boxing Day and stayed at my mum’s for three ? weeks. He moved from York DGH to a cottage hospital in Selby and died the day I returned home. C’est la vie. And so back I went to sort the funeral. I felt a huge change. There was a sense of loss, but it was about how my past had become just that. As an only child, the death of the first parent draws a line under our’s no longer a living past. But consigned to memory. Or that’s how I felt.

      2. I do know what you mean. Mam died 26 years ago, much too early, but Dad seemed to be immortal. He always bounced back, which is why it’s hard adjusting. Getting there slowly.

      3. Gosh. Didn’t realise about your mum. Must have been well young, or at least, well not-old. Mine died within 18 months of each other. I did spend months looking at the phone expecting her to ring though. Weird. I knew she was dead, but why wasn’t she ringing me. Life eh? It takes a while I guess.

      4. Ouch! One of my mum’s neighbours said she died of heartbreak. I thought that was rather melodramatic. Poor lungs I think, as she died of bronchitis/emphysema like her father before her (yeah, smoking). I admired her, she was managing well and coming to live with us. Died instead. Clearly I wasn’t the preferred option!

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