Jo’s Monday walk : Saying goodbye


Aleksander Boleslaw Szustakiewicz

26.2.1928 – 2.10.2016

My heart is too heavy to walk with you today.  Some of you will know that Dad died whilst I was in the Algarve.  He had a long, and often-times happy life, and made many friends along the way.  He was never happier than when surrounded by family, and it brought real joy to his life when he was reunited with those in his native Poland, after an absence of 64 years.

Tomorrow he will be surrounded by love as we say our goodbyes, remember and celebrate his life.  He was a wonderful Dad, and was ever present in my life.  The loss will be huge, but the connection to Poland will endure, as he would have wanted.

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I know you will excuse me from commenting this week, but whilst I was away the walks continued to roll in.  I would like you to share them in my absence.  Many thanks in anticipation of your tolerance and kind thoughts.  I will be back walking with you next week.


Cathy’s been romping all over Iceland!  This is just one of many.  Enjoy!

North Iceland : The Black Lava Field & Solfataras of Leirhnjukur at Krafla

Meantime, Becky is edging eastwards with a whole lot of history :

Going east on the Thames Path

Not just the home of golf!  Ask Elaine!

St. Andrews

Autumn as you don’t very often see it.  Through Cardinal’s eyes :

Autumn Streets

Some day I must make it to Sicily.  Pretty please!  Lady Lee loves it :

Ancient theatre of Taormina

When Sue waxes lyrical you just have to sit up and pay attention!

Larch Trees in Canada- The Beauty Queens

Serious Sue (I’m differentiating  🙂  ) kindly lets me ride her mobility scooter at Wisley :

Signs of Autumn and a Sculpture Trail

Drake has found himself a jewel of a home in Alsace :

High five surroundings

And Biti, the most beautiful ‘shell’ house you’ll ever see :

Ballymaloe Cooking School- The Shell House

Debbie tells the story of Wojtek, the bear who went to war.  If you were curious about him after my last post, here it is!

Soldier Bear 

Geoff goes strutting his stuff around London :

Crystal Palace to Grove Park

Let Jaspa take you to another fabulous UNESCO World Heritage Site :

The Forts and Tunnels of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

I knew very little about Milwaukee till I read Jackie’s post :

Day 3- Milwaukee

Spicy chilli hot chocolate?  Have some with Violet Sky :

St. Boniface and Gabrielle Roy

Navarra has such a nice sound to it.  Leya would love to show you around :

Ziga, Baztan- Natural, Yet Sophisticated

Take care of each other.


  1. I’m so sorry about the loss of your father, Jo. I’m just now catching up on my friends blogs now that I’m home from our holiday and didn’t know of his passing. I know that he will be missed but you have your wonderful memories of him to comfort you.


  2. I’m so sorry for your loss, Jo. Sorry I’m late with condolences. I was far away and I disconnect from the internet when I travel. Wishing you much peace in this sad time.


    1. I usually do the same, Julie, and I’ve only been back on the blog for a couple of days since my return. It knocked the stuffing out of me for a while, but I have to acknowledge that it wasn’t such a bad ending from Dad’s point of view. He managed to hold on to his independence and I’m happy for that. Thank you 🙂


  3. Very sorry to read your sad news Jo . Somehow we know it will happen but ’tis always too soon and when unexpected it leaves one reeling . You’ve wonderful memories I know of your dear dad that will keep you strong .
    Sending belated hugs ( I’ve been away ) Poppy xx


    1. I missed you! Hope it was enriching. 🙂 My first reaction, after the shock, was that he left on his own terms, without having to sacrifice the car or go into sheltered accommodation, Poppy. He came perilously close to it. 🙂 Someone was looking out for him.


  4. Deepest condolences for your and your famliy the loss, dear Jo.

    Memories can never be taken from us – behind the aching loss, we must remember to be pleased about that we have these memories in our hearts and that we were so lucky to get the opportunity to get these wonderful memories – those memories must never be overshadowed by sorrow – take good care of yourself, my friend.


    1. Thanks, Drake. I’ve missed you, but will be back to the blog next week. Dad had a fine ‘send off’ surrounded by family, as he would have wanted. He was a kind and caring man who attracted a lot of love. I hope I can say that when my time comes.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. So very sorry for your loss Jo. My deepest sympathy to you. May the good memories give you light and strength.
    Beautiful photograph.



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