Six word Saturday


What a strange world this is!


One week you’re in Edinburgh, meeting a blogger from Cornwall, the next, admiring the beauty of Roseberry Topping on the North York Moors, with a blogger all the way from Australia.  When Carol (that’s The Eternal Traveller to you) suggested a stop off on my local patch during her whistle stop tour of England… well, it would have been churlish not to offer the lady a cuppa and a view, wouldn’t it?

Great Ayton seemed the perfect venue for someone interested in Captain Cook, as he spent much of his childhood there.  Carol had already been to Whitby, where he served his seaman’s apprenticeship, but Cook was born locally and lived in a farmhouse in Great Ayton.  It isn’t possible to visit Cook’s Cottage as it was moved to Melbourne in 1934, and reassembled there brick by brick.  Cook received 5 years of paid education in this village and the Captain Cook Schoolroom Museum tells the story of his early life.

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Cook was also known to have loved Roseberry Topping but, as this is a bit of a steep climb, we opted instead to hike up Easby Moor to visit the Monument to him, constructed in 1827.  The views are sweeping, across to the Topping and down on Great Ayton itself.

Of course, I needed sustenance, in the form of a very crumbly scone, but Justin Beaver didn’t seem to mind my table manners too much.

Thanks to Carol and her lovely family for keeping us company.  Wishing them a safe and happy onward journey.

It’s Saturday again and almost sunny.  I hope that wherever you are the weekend is kind to you.  I will be back on Monday for one more walk before I head south for a two week break.  Take care till then!

P.S.  ‘Strictly’ starts again this weekend and I can’t help but remember my good friend Viv, who loved it so.  And please don’t forget your six words!





  1. Roseberry Topping… I thought I was going to get icecream.

    How lucky, Jo, to have met first Jude and now Carol! It makes the world seem so small. I actually giggled when you said you couldn’t visit Captain Cook’s cottage because it’s in Melbourne. It’s never struck me as so strange before but of course it is.

  2. I know of Captain James Cook because of the Cook Islands, which then I know from watching Survivor Cook Islands. Would be very nice for me to visit this place. I would totally enjoy it.

  3. How super to meet up with other bloggers, Jo. I agree with you about the view and the cuppa, but the scone with jam and cream is also very important. You, Carol, and Captain Cook really have something in common. You all really do get around! Well, Cook not so much these days. 😆 Have a great trip to the Algarve. I’ll be popping from in South Africa soon, but first we have to get these removals underway tomorrow. It’s all go! I don’t know whether I’m Arthur or Martha at the moment. 😯 xx

    1. Hi Cathy! I was thinking of you today 🙂 Did you have a good family party for your Dad? Is there a post up? I’ll come and check when I’ve got tomorrow’s walk finished. Seems ages since I met you! 🙂 🙂 Back there again on Wednesday.

      1. Hi Jo! Yes, the family party went well. It was lots of fun, especially a rip-roaring game of Charades. I haven’t posted anything on my regular blog but have posted a lot about Iceland on the Europe blog. I’m focusing there for the time being. Aren’t you going away soon?

  4. Jo perhaps next you will have a blogging convention! What fun to meet up with two bloggers in such a short time. I’ve not had breakfast yet so that yummy table scene has me off to the kitchen.

  5. Oh, I love meeting up with blogging friends and some have become my closest, dearest friends! And yes, we’ve lost a few along the way but we’re ever richer for knowing them.

  6. Jo, what a great weekend and great to have visitors from Australia. Anywhere in Yorkshire would be a treat and this visit to Captain Cook’s birthplace is just ideal! Oh, the scone and clotted cream looks delicious…

    1. I’ve been meaning to visit that museum for years, Annika! I’m often in the area on a Monday when they’re shut. It was a flying visit but it’s only small. Just had to climb up Easby Moor to use a few calories up after the scone (and Carol had fish and chips at Whitby 🙂 )

      1. Whitby and its fish and chips! I’m sure that every time I visit the boxes of this feast are getting bigger and bigger – some were Dunking Donuts (of 12) box size!

  7. Another lovely meet up you lucky girl and lucky Carol of course! I’m going to follow you around because the sun always shines on you 😀😀😀 hope you have a relaxed and Happy Sunday xx

    1. Sunday lunch eaten and washed up. Yet more apples to peel! I think Jude did even better than me with the sunshine. 🙂 Rainy start this morning but nice now. Carol’s gone to Castle Howard and I’m rather envious. I’m at the ticking off jobs stage before we go, and I must try to find time for a monster catch up on my Inbox 😦 Oh well… I only have 10 fingers 🙂 🙂 Mind you- Mick bought me a new knife because I broke the handle on the old one. Nearly lost a finger slicing carrots this morning! 🙂 Happy Sunday, darlin!

  8. trascorso molto tempo ( tutto quello occorso per il mio lungo viaggio estivo) e sentivo la mancanza degli amici blogger, ritrovo anche te, cara Giovanna, con molto piacere, le tue immagini bellissime e piene di verve allieteranno ancora i miei pensieri
    felice domenica, cara

    1. Buona domenica, Annalisa 🙂 🙂 Good to have you back again and sorry if I have missed some of your posts. I’m too busy playing headless sheep and gamboling on the Moors. Sending big hugs!

  9. How lovely! I am a fan of James Cook and actually seen his cottage in Melbourne. It amuses me that he names many of the places he visited with such depressing names such as Desolation Point… or some such thing! On the last leg now. Good drive down from Scotland after a very wet start. Looking forward to getting home though now.

    1. You see! Small and very strange world. 🙂 Nice for you to see it without snow, Jude, though the heather has gone over very rapidly. Raining here this morning and I was just thinking to myself it’s the first rain I can remember in ages. No excuse to avoid the ironing and get my last Scottish walk done. Hugs, darlin. Take good care! 🙂 🙂

      1. It is a lovely day here in Shrewsbury and I have managed to visit two churches that I haven’t been inside before. And got some more photos so I can finish the Shrewsbury walks!

      2. I wondered if you might do that. Good lass 🙂 🙂 Heaven knows when, but there’s no hurry. And soon you’ve got Barca! Camera will be on overdrive 🙂

  10. Thanks Jo for a lovely afternoon. And a special thank you to Mick, who rescued us when we were lost and sent us in the right direction at the end of the day. It’s so nice to put a face to the name and words of someone I have come to know well. Enjoy your holiday in Portugal.

    1. Hi Carol 🙂 You can always rely on Mick and I’ll pass your thanks on. The rain has reached us here this morning so I think you made the right choice yesterday. I’m sure you’ll have a wet day plan up your sleeve but don’t get Justin Beaver wet! 🙂 🙂 Koalas devoured- thank you very much 🙂

  11. All go on the meet ups Jo .. how lovely and the day looked perfect right down to the scones 🙂
    Fancy the cottage now in Melbourne … I wonder if that would be done nowadays 😉 Have a great week Jo, after reading earlier comments about your holiday but funny … but we are off to Portugal soon too !

      1. 🙂 I think we’ll be on our way as you return Jo . I’m sure you’re longing for Tavira time 🙂 what a great buck up prior to the colder times to come x

      1. Thank you Jo for asking. It’s been 9 long weeks, but finally we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Great to see your walks again ~

  12. You lucked out with another beautiful, sunny day, Jo, and with all those international bloggers and travelers visiting you! 🙂 With all those monuments and history plaques of Cook in New Zealand, French Polynesia and elsewhere, one would forget he was actually British! Have a nice weekend, Jo. Not so sunny here, unfortunately. This is another blog with walks and photos of them, but I already sent you one for Monday, so not sure how this works…

    1. Hi Liesbet 🙂 We don’t forget he’s ours and trained locally, but it all went a bit wrong after that 😦 As I won’t be here the following week, I’ll just post both walks this week hon. Have a n excellent weekend!

  13. Sounds like the northern east part of England is a more buzy place living in that the center of London – enjoy your weekend my friend – wonderful captured photos by the way… 😀 🙂

  14. Very nice to hear that you caught up with Carol, Jo. That is a really nice photo of your group (I’m guessing that’s your group, lol). So happy to be enjoying the sunshine hiking up to the Monument. The Captain’s Cook cottage in Melbourne isn’t too far away from where I am. It’s in a park just beside the city and I have passed by the lovely cottage quite a few times. Never been inside…maybe one day 🙂

    Scones for sustenance. It looks delicious 🙂

    1. I should have done a formal intro, Mabel. Right to left, Carol with Justin Beaver, her husband Glen and daughter Melissa, my Michael and a shadow selfie, totally unintended. 🙂 Happy weekend!

  15. That sounds like a cheerful, busy week, Jo! :-)It’s good to be connected.
    I have eagerly saved your information about Cook, thank you so much for sharing this information. I have many books and films about James Cook and have visited a great exhibtion in Bonn about his travels as well going to Whitby.
    Wishing you a sunny weekend,
    Dina & co

    1. Still warm, Dina- quite amazing! 🙂 🙂 Quite protective of Cook here in the north east. He was ours, born and bred, no matter what came next 🙂 Wishing you lovely people a happy weekend too!

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