Six word Saturday


‘Pictures of Lily.  Lily, oh Lily!’






Keeping it simple, because I won’t be here to respond to comments till late in the day.  It was our wedding anniversary yesterday and I’ve whisked him away to the Yorkshire Dales (or perhaps, he’s whisked me?).  Normally I’d receive a bouquet, with lilies, but I wasn’t here to receive them. Instead I’ve been keeping an eye on some lovely ones that we planted in our garden a few weeks ago.  There are 3 different shades and I’ve been watching them steadily unfurl.  Fingers crossed, the last bronzy ones will be open on my return.

Anyone remember ‘Pictures of Lily’?  The Who.

Happy Saturday!  Don’t forget to share six words with Cate.  See you soon.



  1. how great to have planted lilies – and bronze ones sound nice –
    I have a vase of a mixed bouquet that a dinner guest brought me – one lily has opened and two are firmly closed still – it Iliad been almost a week having them and seeing the opened lily today made me realize how much I love lilies in a vase – they are easy going and they just do their thing – and change every day – anyhow – the six words here could have easily been my words seeing the case today!


    1. Yvette, I love you! The outdoors ones didn’t last very long but they were such a lovely splash of colour. If/whenever I get a bouquet from Mick it always includes lilies. 🙂 I have some spikes of coral gladioli on the hearth now, just starting to look tired.

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    1. It’s not too late 🙂 I may be late with the walk this week the way it’s going! I’m still playing catch up on 6WS and I’ve spent too long watching Rafa play tennis. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do 🙂

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