Six word Saturday


Does this say Summer to you?



What do you think?  Jude is asking for The Essence of Summer this month.  Wonderful what you can do with a sunny hour or two, isn’t it?



Spot the intruder!  This was going to be all about the Iris, but I was very taken with the Cersiums and I’m afraid they just sneaked in. Jude is busy in her new garden but she’ll make time to say hello.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget Cate.  Another, very busy lady.  This is my 200th Six Word Saturday!  Maybe I should quit while I’m ahead.



    1. We don’t have any but I’ve been admiring them in ones and twos for a week or so. To have a whole swathe of them, like these, was fabulous, Noelle. 🙂

  1. It does say summer loud and clear and it is a lovely sight as we start to cool down over here. I even had a warm “cardy” type thing on today. Latest fad here is long, straight, almost to the knees cardigan…

    1. I’m tempted to say ‘what Summer?’ Suze, but that would be very negative, wouldn’t it? 🙂 The village had drizzly Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations today and we had 2 lovely days last week. That’s a start, isn’t it? Hugs 🙂 I bet you’re doing better!

      1. If I adjust it any more I’ll be living in the Arctic. 🙂 The good news is, all was jolly in the village. What’s a few soggy scarecrows between friends?

    1. It’s a little strange, isn’t it? If you follow my link ‘Cate’ it will take you to this week’s entries. On the pink header is the link to the home page which explains. You need to use six words to describe your week, but you can do it any way you want, and take liberties as most people do (especially me 🙂 ). If you decide to take part, you go to ‘Cate’ and put your link for this week in as the next entry. Join in next week? 🙂

      1. I came to your blog from “Lost in translation” 🙂 What is strange ? 🙂
        For the link I visit it. 🙂
        Ok six words to describe my week. I laugh. 🙂 ok I can try for next week. I’ll go again on the link to read what is written. 🙂 Before participate, I want understand the game 🙂 I write with my school english, sorry for my mistakes.

      2. Your English is great! My school girl French extremely rusty! 🙂 The rules are very loose and you can interpret them any way you want. The idea is just to have fun, and meet a few people, of course. Nice talking to you. It’s wet here and I’m blogging between making Sunday lunch.

    1. Thank you, Peta 🙂 This is a rose garden, newly opened last Summer. It was our first return visit since then and the irises were beautiful, taking away the bareness till the roses bloom.

  2. le iris, o giaggioli, come si chiamano da noi, sono il fiore prediletto della mia Toscana, il simbolo della città di Firenze e quindi da noi amatissimi e molto coltivati, ma se ne trovano in grandi quantità anche spontanei in giro per la campagna, ne hai dato splendide immagini
    grazie, buona domenica cara Giovanna

    1. I’d forgotten the connection with Florence, Annalisa. Thanks for reminding me. How I’d love to be in your wonderful countryside right now. Hugs, sweetheart 🙂 🙂

    1. This rose garden is only about a year old, Lynn, and it was such a pleasure to find these irises flooding the place with colour while they wait for the roses to bloom. 🙂 Happy Sunday! How are the birdies?

  3. Gorgeous photos and flowers! Happy summer and happy 200th Six Word Saturday. Don’t stop now, though. At 300 or 400 or 500 you will still be ahead as well, so you can always stop then.

      1. Raining here as well, unfortunately. Why always on the weekends? I exclaimed my annoyance in my Six Word Saturday post today! I feel better now. 🙂

  4. Don’t you dare stop the 6WS! I need at least another 200! Lovely flowers. Irises always make me smile. Hope you are doing well Jo!

  5. Bonny blue irises and then the mauvey ones and palest lemon – what a summer sight. I see the Cirsium rivulare ‘Atropurpureum’:are very popular this year making their appearance at Chelsea again. Funny thing is with me that anything popular immediately goes down in my wanting it. I guess I just love the underdog 🙂 Thanks for the summer entry, hopefully you’ll find at least one more before the month is through. I MUST get my garden post written to show you my yellow irises 🙂

    1. You must! This isn’t what I was going to post because our clematis are starting to look good and I was going to do you ‘Jo’s garden’. Nothing so grand as iris. 🙂 But when we popped along to Wynyard Hall I was smitten by the blues.

      1. I have a gorgeous clematis in flower at the moment and my own purple one, which is in a pot still, has a lovely huge bloom the first time in a few years that it has been so big. I think it likes Cornwall 🙂

  6. We are up early this morning to celebrate my dd’s birthday with family. We are going to see some flowers at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. I hope those flowers are as beautiful as the ones you have shown us today.

    1. I’m sure I’ve seen photos of the Chicago Botanic, Mlissabeth. It’ll be beautiful! Have a great time, and if you can, take some shots and put them into a walk for me? 🙂

      1. Oh Jo, I doubt you’ve already seen the end of summer! And of course, yes, there is always the Algarve. I just spent two days in Philadelphia area visiting four gardens and the weather was glorious! In the 70s and breezy. Today it’s supposed to be 95 F. Ugh. I hate it when it’s full-on summer in Virginia. Not much planned, just dinner and movie, some walks, and writing some blogs. What about you? (By the way, I now have a laundry room and my screened-in porch is ALMOST done. We’re having porch furniture deliver this week!) 🙂

      2. I’ve posted them 2 years running but we missed last year. Mick drove through the village this morning and said there are some on the Green, so we’ll go and check tomorrow. Still busy with Polish sagas, let alone untold Algarve, so fitting them in on the blog’s the problem. 🙂 You too!

    1. Oh dear! 😦 I know how that feels. While the rest of the country had sunshine our north east coast has mizzle. Hoping for better tomorrow. I’ll come and help you blow the clouds away. 🙂

    1. Oh, now I’m jealous again! 😦 North or South? I had half a plan to join Meg in Gdansk this week but flights are from Doncaster-Sheffield. Ok if me and Mick are both going but an imposition if I just need a lift. No public transport links from up here. I’m sulking 🙂

  7. Irises are definitely the essence of summer. I love them. Congratulations on your 200th SWS. That adds up to a small essay of words, or a lengthy poem. Let me begin a poem for you, then I will quit while I am ahead. 🙂 I call it “Looking back on those golden years”
    ” Pull up a chair and sit?
    What do you do for fun?
    A woodland walk in spring sunshine,
    a walk on the lilac side,
    from here..and back.
    Cheese flavoured icecream with Jamie Oliver.
    Did I tell you about Girona?
    Barcelona, a feast for the senses;
    windows full of cats and dogs,
    the case of the disappearing train.
    Fish and chip baby jumper complete,
    flying south but not for long.
    What do you do for fun?
    Pull up a chair and sit.”

    1. You are the sweetest lady! 🙂 I sometimes wonder if I’ve repeated any, but it hardly matters now, does it? I do remember the cheese flavoured icecream, though. There’ll not be 2 of those! Many thanks for your time and patience, Ann. 🙂 Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

      1. Isn’t she a sweetheart? The cheesy icecream was in Nottingham with Lisa. I really should scrap or revamp the page, but you know I have better things to do. Same applies with the A-Z’s. Woe is me 😦

      2. Drafts! I never do them ahead of time except for starting Monday walks mid-week. But that’s only putting folk’s links in. Spontaneity is my middle name. Or Disaster. Take your pick 🙂 🙂

      3. I usually only get the title down, just to remind me that I need to write something! I have a whole load of things I want to post, but once I get into the garden time flies! Today I went to hang out the washing with the intent to sit in the garden and read for a while and 3 hours later…

  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love the way you’ve foregrounded the irises and yet still showed a bit of their surroundings. That first lot are so delicate: the maroon and lemon ones are more assertive; and then you return to the delicate at the end. May the rest of your week be as pleasant. With hugs.

    1. The highlight of the week was Raby Castle and that will be a future walk. Those white irises are from there but the others all from our local, Wynyard Hall (where the posh people go for expensive coffee, but I spend my £3 on gawping at the flowers 🙂 ). There was a very nice bronze specimen too, but he didn’t make the cut 🙂 The soft blues are my favourite. A whole swathe! Fabulous 🙂 Thanks, sweetheart.

  9. Beautiful bright blooms, Jo. Yes, I think they scream summer. They look so fresh and enjoying the sunshine. Congrats on the milestone. 200th SWS. I wished I had joined the party earlier. It is a lot of fun 😀

    1. I can never make up my mind which flowers are my favourites, Mabel. Often they’re the flowers I’m looking at at the time 🙂 Definitely a preference for the pale blues here. Thanks, darlin’. Happy weekend to you!

    1. I’ve been seeing just the odd one or two for the last few weeks, Viv, but Wynyard Hall had a whole fabulous sea of them. If you ever get back over this way we’ll have to meet there for posh coffee. 🙂

    1. Nice, aren’t they? Are you on your way to London? Have a great time and please give Sherri a hug from me. Or a handshake, if that seems more appropriate 🙂 🙂

      1. Oh, what a shame! You were looking forward to it, and I was half wishing I’d gone because this weekend is dull and uninspiring here. Just not meant to be. Hugs, sweetheart! Hope you feel better soon.

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