Six word Saturday


Heading south, to look for Spring


Winging it, once more.

Dawn’s rays on the horizon

Above molten skies



This was going to be my Thursday post (minus the six words header) but I got distracted.  It’s still appropriate, because I’m off to the Algarve on Monday.  I will be posting a short walk first, partly to remind you that I’ve gone, but mostly because I hate to keep my contributors to Jo’s Monday walk waiting till I get back.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to pop in on Cate at Show My Face with your six words.  I won’t be here next weekend.  I wonder… does this qualify as a Vibrant start to the day?



  1. Typical, I turn up at last and you are leaving 😦 Ahh, well, have a lovely time Jo, your photos and haiku leave me wanting to take a trip, but hubby and I have booked one for September – Lake Garda, can’t wait!! I’ll check out your walk for this week now…

  2. Great way to start a day, on a plane heading anywhere!!! But especially for you going to the Algarve and the sunshine? Definitely a vibrant photo Jo. Enjoy your holiday.

      1. Hiya darlin 🙂 Still home till tomorrow lunch time, when we set off for Liverpool airport (makes a change 😦 ) Kerber played so well- she deserved it. I have to reluctantly concede that so did Novak 🙂

  3. I love your six words, and the intersticial haiku. The photos make me wish I dared a window seat.

    An aside which reveals my preoccupations: do you speak Portuguese or is your Algarve community English speaking? I’m going to miss my friends here so much.

    1. My Portuguese is even worse than my Polish, Meg! By quite a long way, in fact 🙂 The walkers are largely ex-pats. Portuguese people don’t, in the main, go walking. I suppose because traditionally they would not have had the leisure time to do so. Maybe it will become popular with the next generation. Anyway- stop worrying! It will be fine 🙂 Just think of those twins 🙂

  4. Vibrant enough for me Jo. I love to see a sunrise or sunset from a plane. Only thing that a long-haul flight has going for it! You must set off very early to see a dawn en route to Portugal!

    1. That one was a 7am flight, Jude. Not great in Winter 😦 This one will be teatime out of Liverpool, which means we don’t get there till late but we’ll be raring to go next morning (got a walk with our group on Tuesday 🙂 )

      1. Ryanair don’t do Algarve from Leeds/Bradford in the Winter (you know we’re cheapskates 🙂 ). Hence Liverpool. Thomsons do Doncaster and Monarch do Leeds but it depends on their prices. Outgoing’s ok but try coming back! (I know- temptation not to bother) Drive time is about 3 hours and for a 17.30 flight it’s not a problem.

      2. Ah, yes, I forgot that flights in winter decrease. You’re not tempted to drive down then? Could have some nice overnight stops en route 😉

      3. I’m VERY tempted, but sadly I’m not the driver 🙂 And for a short visit it’s not so viable. It is very much a holiday for Mick, who is still working quite hard much of the time.

      4. True. On a short holiday you’d not have much time at the destination. Maybe once Mick retires. Or is that when you will go there for good?

      1. oh!!! Wonderful Jo! I am going to Nicaragua in three weeks and am counting down the days. I just can’t wait to be in the sun and see all the flowers! 🙂

    1. The White Rabbit teashops (there are 2- remember you didn’t like the wallpaper?) and Thea Caffea, which is next to Jamie Oliver’s place. You’ll like that one, Rich. Have fun 🙂

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