Six word Saturday


Seeing the beauty in the ordinary

What can be more ordinary than salt?

What can be more ordinary than salt?

Beautifully packaged, of course

Beautifully packaged, of course

Or a cluster of shells on a beach

Or a cluster of shells on a beach

Even the broken ones are pretty

Even the broken ones are pretty

And some are shining jewels

And some are shining jewels

A discarded ducky on a beach

A discarded ducky in the dunes

Or a ladybird sitting on my sunglasses

Or a ladybird sitting on my sunglasses

I can even see beauty in the shadows round a broken bench

I can even see beauty in the shadows round a broken bench (though not the vandals who did it!)

Just me, reminiscing about time spent in the Algarve, before I launch myself into a grey English day, but it could fit with Cheri’s post. This week we’re looking for the beauty in the every day at The Daily Post.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a good day and making the most of your surroundings.  See you on Monday for one last Algarve walk.  But first I need to visit Cate and Six word Saturday.



  1. What a lovely theme you followed for this 6 word Saturday. I loved all the colours in the grains of sand and that ladybird was delightful. Something quite lovely and cuddly about those little bugs.

    1. I had a wonderfully relaxing one, Sherri. 🙂 I damaged my knee last week so no zumba, and James wasn’t home so no mountains of laundry 🙂 Back out walking today though.

    1. Thanks 🙂 🙂 I’m hoping the grey skies will lift a little this morning because I’m out walking soon. Even the details look better in the sunlight 🙂

  2. A lovely post – making us look differently at the small things of life. I wonder if that abandoned ducky is part of that cargo of plastic ducks that went overboard a few years ago, and from which ducks were found all around the globe, in the unlikeliest of places.

      1. I just visit from Cate’s page usually, Viv. If I got the posts in my Inbox I’d be swamped. I usually make a couple of visits in the course of the day and I checked yesterday after Strictly and didn’t see you. I’ll pop over in a minute. 🙂 Engrossed in writing my walk, though I should be doing Sunday dinner. 🙂

  3. That’s the best way to spend one’s life: appreciating the ordinary. Small children notice and collect the little things, especially on the beach. What luck to catch that ladybug on your sunglasses!

  4. I just attended a presentation by a lady who attended a photography workshop this summer where each attendee was assigned a spot, and wasn’t allowed to move from that ‘zone’ for one hour. They had to create images from what they saw in their ‘ordinary’ environment. Her assignment was the front porch of their guesthouse – and wasn’t allowed to go wide with scenery. She came up with some fascinating images, including some abstracts of that which was around her. (I have to admit, I would have liked the 3 foot circle in the middle of a garden better LOL).

  5. You’re so right Jo. It all matters at how we look at something and whether we prefer do see the beauty or the ugly. I do prefer the beauty. The ladybug on your sunglasses are so beautiful and I love those shells. Great share! 😀 ♥

  6. A somewhat nostalgic look at the Algarve? And so much beauty in the ordinary. I like that about having a camera, it makes you slow down and stop and look at what is around you. Shame about the bench, not much in the way of beauty there. Hope someone decides to give it some TLC.
    As for the ducky he looks as though he has strayed a long way from a duck race somewhere 😉

    1. That bench is in the little park on my street corner, Jude. I was mortified that someone had so abused it, even though it did look a bit rusty. 😦 I wish I’d taken the ducky home. He could have had a lovely swim in the bath 🙂

  7. Oh no did you rescue the duck? poor lost little thing! Love the shiny shells and the salt pots, why didn’t I buy one? I remember, my determination not to collect clutter!

    1. I was peacefully trying to read my book, Cathy, but that ladybug was feeling curious. She landed on the edge of my sunglasses while I was wearing them then proceeded to have a little stroll when I took them off. 🙂 Hope things have settled down for you a bit? 🙂

      1. Well, I’m sure you’re happy it was a ladybug and not some hairy spider! Thanks for checking on me, Jo. Things can now start settling down a bit now that my CELTA course is over. Now, I just have some major house projects to tackle: a kitchen renovation, the construction of a screened-in porch, and paint jobs in three of our bedrooms. And that’s only the beginning! xxx Hope to catch up with you soon. 🙂

    1. It was an unexpected find in a little local children’s playground, Ron. I’m getting used to graffiti creeping in everywhere but vandalism is less common in the Algarve. 🙂

  8. Love the ordinary, sometimes far more beauty in everyday but most people seem to busy walking along looking at their phones these days to notice anything. Thank you for seeing 🙂

  9. That poor ducky in the dunes. It looks rather lonely, as if someone left him behind. But that ladybird seems to be more lively – in fact, seems to be wanting a bit of attention. I hope it got off your sunglasses okay. It looks tiny 🙂

  10. nei particolari ci sono le piccole cose che si fanno grandi…deliziosa questa serie, sulle spiaggie passeggiando amo moltissimo raccogliere conchiglie ne faccio piccoli aggeggi che quando si muovono al vento tintinnano e sembrano la musica del mare
    felice sabato Giovanna

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