All at sea


All at sea!




Licking and licking,

With a greedy salted tongue.

Restrained by the tide



A starfish, rooted out of its home

Uprooted from home

A battle for survival

Battling for survival

Learning new skills

Learning new skills

And mastering them

And mastering them

Boys, ready for action

Poised, ready for action

Ships that pass...

Ships that pass…

I’m not sure quite where this wistful post came from.  It started life as a tribute to Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku and somehow morphed. Just me, rambling on Algarve beaches.  But this week, Gilly has the most beautiful Tanka.  Do go and see.



    1. Hiya Cathy 🙂 I see you’ve made lots of comments. I’m just back this evening and time is tight but I’ll be over to you when I can. Had a wonderful time, hon. Hope all’s well with you.

      1. How can that be? I have only used up about 32% and we have been blogging for about the same time. Although I admit I haven’t been as prolific 🙂

      2. I do. I assumed everyone did! I resize to the max width the theme permits. The downside is that images in my earlier posts are too small. I have been enlarging them as and when I resurrect some of the better posts.

        Resizing the entire lot is going to be time consuming. So what are you going to do?

      3. Still trying to decide between starting another free blog and paying for Premium so I can add memory 😦 I have posts I bursting to write but I can’t… tragic! My own silly fault 🙂

      4. Going premium might be a good idea. I am considering it too in order to get rid of the awful ads that pop up at the bottom of our posts.

  1. I love to watch the surfers! I’m comfortable with body surfing and a small “boogie board,” but I’m no surfer! I just admire. And I love the ocean and all beach activity so I understand the wistfulness. 🙂 Quite beautiful, Jo!

    1. Thanks, Seonaid 🙂 I wasn’t sure at all what I was going to post today because I still have so many Algarve photos. I went to the wedding in Poland just a few days after we got back from there so I’m not reoriented yet. 🙂

  2. Ah bless you sweetheart, this is lovely a really cool shout out, thanks. You’ve got your poets badge now 😊 I can’t imagine that you could know my pic was taken in Olhao last week? Oh poo, last week not now 😯 . So you’re off next month, fabby, I’ll be green especially as it will be really vold by then.

    1. I wasn’t sure exactly where, Gilly, but I knew it was Algarve. 🙂 Olhao is interesting, isn’t it? I don’t suppose you got over to Armona? I love it there.
      We don’t go till late November and the weather could be anything by then, so don’t be too jealous. Our house will certainly be cold but we might get some nice days, and the walkers will be out and about then, so there’s company, if we want it.
      Thank you for my badge 🙂

    1. Good thanks, Nicole! Just trying to get back into an English groove in this unseasonably warm Autumn we’re having. Not a single complaint about that. 🙂 And you? I’ll pop over later and see.

    1. If you saw the kerfuffle I got myself in last night! I couldn’t make any sort of decision on what to post, and started 3 different posts. Something I never do! Anyway, this one won. Glad you like it 🙂 The water was everything from smooth as silk to wild and whooshy while we were there. While Mick snoozes I wander, or sometimes write haiku 🙂

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