Six word Saturday


Great Yarmouth in the ‘Off Season’

No-one to play on the games

No-one to play on the games

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Rescued by a fair maiden?

Rescued by a fair maiden?

He's my hero!

He’s my hero!

It’s almost 40 years since I was last in Great Yarmouth.  It’s a family resort, and nice and flat for ‘the oldies’ too.  I was amazed to find how quiet it was in early June.  The roller coaster and many of the rides were still under wraps.  The beach… well, see for yourself!

It triggered some wonderful memories though.  There’s a model village right on the seafront (closed, of course) and, in my early evening stroll about, I paused to text to my daughter ‘do you remember…?’  Just a small girl at the time, she did!  And asked ‘is the snail ride still there?’ Sadly, it wasn’t.  Some things DO change.

But not the habit of visiting Cate at Show My Face, to share your six words.  You might have guessed, it’s also my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Have a great weekend, won’t you?


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Off-Season.”


  1. I liked the beach, pretty clouds and fun life-size portrait “frames.” I think this would be a playful place to capture children and adults looking like kids 🙂

    1. The ‘shoot the firemen’ water game was always my favourite, Mabel, and I was delighted to find one still in existence. Many thanks for your visit. 🙂

  2. Lovely colour and light. It looks like a good time to visit. I’m not a fan of crowds – says she from her village within sound of the sea, birds chirping, and a good night’s sleep behind her. I’m going to be absent for a while from comments, but I’ll be back! Travel north, and then only connection if I go to town. I’m planning some serious something – yet to be determined! – as a substitute. It will be serious withdrawal. Now to wash and pack for another six weeks, at least.

    1. Oh, Meg! I will miss you and your lovely warmth. 🙂 But if it has to be done, it has to be done… Off you go and enjoy your ‘yet to be determined’. Take some hugs with you 🙂

      1. I believe you get out what you put in – so it’d be my own fault if I felt it was downmarket! Hope all’s well with you hun 🙂 Happy times to you too x

  3. Good set of photos for the task. They have a particular feel about them being in the sunshine. It might be Armagedon or mid-week. Different again with grey skies.

  4. That place would have been a lot of fun for kids, but it’s nice to stroll around without the crowds. Your daughter must have loved it (and has a very good memory!) 😉

  5. I agree with most of the comments, Jo. I think it looks like a lovely place to visit off season when you have the place to yourself. Thought that was sweet that you texted your daughter. Sounds like fond memories. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. She has the most amazing memory and I just knew she’d recollect it. Back then we often holidayed in a group of friends. Caravans and cheap holidays was all we could afford, but a lot of fun. 🙂 Thanks for your nice comment.

  6. How surprising to find this place so deserted in the summer! I’d think it would be packed. I wish you had posed with your head in that weight-lifting photo board, Jo. How cute would that be? 🙂 xxx

    1. Ah, but posing and taking the photo are a bit tricky, Cathy! Remember, I only have my little digital 🙂 It’s an old-fashioned kind of place and probably more popular with the oldies than the youngsters.

  7. Such a lovely day too! I think it was Great Yarmouth where I went as a small child (8 or 9) with my new puppy and had a photo taken with my mum by the flower clock on the sea-front. I blame this rule by schools of fining parents for taking their kids on holiday outside the school holidays for the desertion of the beach. In years gone by it would have been busy. Now everything is going to be so congested in the 6 weeks that it won’t be a pleasure at all!

    1. I never saw so many mini golfs in my life, Jude! The weather was glorious last weekend but it’s not a nice beach- by my exacting standards 🙂 I suppose they’ve made the best of it. I’ll probably do a follow up walk on it for Monday. I have a nice one at Finchale Priory I’ve been going to post for weeks but I keep getting ‘diverted’. 🙂 Are you home again?

      1. Home yesterday late afternoon after a horrible 6 hour drive! Road-works didn’t help plus a couple of accidents 😦

        I’m always discombobulated when I get home – so many things to do, but I cannot concentrate on anything! How’s your Lisa doing?

    2. Know the feeling- laundry/food shop/etc 😦
      The recovery is very slow and she’s not communicating much, but getting there, I hope. Thanks for asking, Jude.

  8. This is about the ONLY way I could stand a beach visit. Oddly, that seems to be the prevailing sentiment. What if we all showed up there at the same time, all seeking the solitude?

  9. Enjoy the kite festival, I love kites and they make great photos. Although I know Lowestoft I’ve only ever driven through Yarmouth, off season would definitely work best for me!

    1. I think we’re all in agreement, Gilly 🙂 The weather picked up a little this afternoon so I went for a look at the kites. It was more of a gigantic fun fair, in truth, but everybody seemed to be enjoying it. 🙂

    1. Seems to be! This kind of resort is a bit of an anachronism these days. I can’t remember what time I was there when Lisa was small but probably in the school hols. 🙂

  10. G Yarmouth all looks very smart off season Jo ! Can imagine it gets crazy busy once the sun comes out at weekends . Aw … no one to play lifeguards with you 😦
    Have a lovely day …dull as ditch water here …

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