Six word Saturday


Living up to my reputation again!

I've worn them out!

I’ve worn them out!

I spent the evening racing around Great Yarmouth, but I can’t download the photos from my camera till I get home so you’ll have to make do with this old one!  I’m going boating with the Norfolk branch of the Polish family today so I won’t be here to chat.

Norwich tomorrow, where I have an appointment with some cloisters and a Jacaranda tree. (Thanks Carol!)

Sound good?  I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I can.

Meantime, enjoy your weekend, and do pop in to see Cate at Show My Face if you can.



    1. Cheerful cuckoo will be back to play soon 🙂 A little snowed under at the moment. The family from Canada are only here for another week (out of 7!) and I haven’t even seen them yet. 😦

      1. I know you’re both thinking I’ve had brain surgery not wrist surgery but I’m sure I saw it. I’ll have to go back next May/June and take a photo. Can you wait that long? I know jacarandas grow in East Anglia as I’ve seen them in Ipswich. I stood under one and identified the blossom on Google. Really!

    1. I’m not disbelieving, Carol. I was accompanied by several family members and my attention wasn’t necessarily in the right place (but we did get to see the Bishop’s House garden, which was having an open day 🙂 )

      1. Jacarandas in South Africa and Australia flower in the spring so perhaps it is too late for here. Not sure that they can’t grow in the UK as they do well in Paris and a similar climate, but I have never seen one. I wonder if they can grow in Cornwall…

      2. You’re not going to let this go, are you? 🙂 I had a posse of hungry Polish people with me, or I would have combed every inch of Norwich. I feel confident it’s there but I don’t plan to return any time soon. Your turn! (it’s a lovely city 🙂 )

      3. I missed out on Norwich when we had our Norfolk holiday a couple of years ago. I would love to go back that way and visit the city. Need to time it right for when the Jacaranda is in flower 😉

  1. Pleased to meet you Jo and thanks for coming to my blog… You certainly are one active lady, beautiful posts, photos and exciting writing. Originally IAM from Derbyshire, but do enjoy living now in Spain, along the Costa del Sol. I hope we can become friends and enjoy each others journeys… each in our unique way… Take care and remember to breathe… there is enough time to savour it all. Barbara x

    1. Yes, I’ve just about reached that stage, Meg. Having a reviving glass of wine, which will probably Polish me off 🙂 (oh, that’s terrible, isn’t it?) Wonderful ciastko too.

      1. Yes, the joke is so awful I like it!! I was served an incredibly rich dessert by Ola, which I can apparently blame the Polish pope for: he revived it when he visited Krakow and remembered it from his childhood. as a memory from his childhood.

    1. It’s been glorious today, Debs, thanks. 🙂 And thanks for adding the link. I’ve already scheduled my Monday walk from home and 6WS was done very last minute as I didn’t know if I’d have time or Wifi. Dad’s watching football so I’m here for a little while.

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