Jo’s Monday walk : Dodging golf balls!

Crossing the railway lines

The bridge crossing the railway lines

I was a little conflicted over which walk to share with you today.  Logically, it should be the one which culminates with Penshaw Monument, which intrigued many of you last week.  But I’m often not a logical creature, and I’m always susceptible to the pull of the sea.

Hartlepool has three golf courses.  I’ve never especially felt the need to wallop a golf ball, though I did once demonstrate a mild talent for pitch and put.  All 3 courses have sea views, but by far the most scenic is very close to the sea.  I would never be able to concentrate on the ball, so it’s a good job I’m a walker.  Our start point is on the Hart to Haswell walkway, just north of Hartlepool Headland.  Are you ready?  We’ll need to step out briskly to keep warm!

You can already see and smell the sea as you cross the bridge

You can see, and almost smell, the sea as you cross the bridge

The path leads down towards the sea

Through the gate, the path leads down towards the sea

And then, a glimpse of beach

And then, a glimpse of beach

The gorse is beginning to flower- always an encouraging sign.  Depending on how high the tide, you will probably find a ribbon of water, wriggling its way towards the sea.

The curve of an errant strip of water

The curve of an errant strip of water

With the sun so low, the water glimmers electric blue

With the sun so low, the water glimmers an electric blue

You have a choice at this point.  You can stay down at beach level or ascend a gentle gradient to the golf course. There is a public right of way, but you venture there at your own risk.

In other words, keep your head down!

In other words, keep your head down!

Just a little windswept!

Just a little windswept?

Probably not 'sitting on a bench' weather!

Certainly not ‘sitting on a bench’ weather!

The advantage of being up on the tops is that you can remain in the sun for a little longer.  Below, on the beach, the shadows rapidly lengthen and you need to increase your pace.

The shadows have swept the beach bare

The shadows have swept the beach almost bare

Retreating out to sea

As the sun retreats, out to sea

We’re not too far from the Headland now, and you may recognise a landmark ahead.  The pier that once belonged to Steetley Magnesite, and betrays our industrial past, has featured in several of my posts.  I find it a compelling sight.

Steetley pier in the distance

Steetley pier in the distance

And in close up

And in close up

It’s a little like a magnet to me, and I have to admit that I probably overdid it on this walk.  You can about face and retrace your steps at any point, but having reached the pier I had determined to continue to the Headland.  It’s the only place nearby where you can obtain refreshments.

I confess that I did not walk all the way back.  There is a bus from the Headland which would take me home.  I was rather lucky on this occasion, and met some friends, who’d been having scones with jam and cream in Mary Rowntree’s.  They kindly offered me a lift.  You just never know what might happen when you go out for a walk!  I hope you enjoyed this one.

walking logo

Time to thank all my lovely contributors again this week.  They will take you to some ravishing places!  Pop the kettle on and settle down for a good read.  If you happen to have a walk you’d like to share, I’d be delighted.  My Jo’s Monday walk page tells you how.


No-one can tell a story like Tish Farrell!  I know that you will enjoy…

To the Isle of Dwynwen, Welsh Saint of lovers

Another shot full of drama from Cardinal!  Anyone been to Oslo?

Winter Sunset

Debbie takes us to Ljubljana.  That girl gets to the loveliest places!

A Short Plecnik Walk 

No need to venture beyond this garden, in South Africa!  Let Sonel show you around  :

In our Garden

Amy’s educating us about the Banyan tree next.  Who knew?

Which Way?

And there’s a beautiful sequel to Paula’s walk from last week.  Don’t miss it!

A Walk among the Menhirs- Sequel

You knew that Drake would be here again, didn’t you?  Indoors, this time!

Indoor walking!

Use Feng shui and prayer flags to boost your energy?  Like Elena  :

Wind Horse in the Mountains

For complete contrast, a luxurious stroll, with beetroot tart and salad- with Rosemay  :

On the Heritage Trail, South Perth

And while we’re down that way, let’s finish the day deliciously, in Canberra with Jude.

R G Menzies Evening Walk

What’s better than a walk?  A walk and a steam train ride, of course!  Many thanks to Lisa  :

Kawakawa-Opua Cycle Trail

Absolutely fantastic walks!  I really hope you can find time to read them.  I’ll be back with you next Monday, but after that there’ll be a short break.  Happy walking in the meantime!


  1. ancora magia nelle tue foto, ancora amore per il luogo dove felicemente abiti, tutto parla del tuo modo entusiastico e bello di affrontare la vita e colorarla con la passione della tua splendida anima, amica mia

  2. The path through the gate is so inviting. And knowing it leads to the sea…bliss! A fabulous walk indeed Jo. The bus back (after tea and scones) suits me fine 🙂

  3. The gate, the overlook, the blues and greens so brilliant all entrance me, Jo. I like the shimmering of the tall golden (tan) grass which you pointed out was windswept. The textures in the sand was fascinating my eyes, too. Lovely, thanks so much for this one, hope you were safe, dodging the golf balls, too.

    1. Thanks, Robin 🙂 Been on the move these past 24 hours so trying to catch up from my hotel room, in the wee small hours. Home seems far away but I’ll be back tomorrow evening. Appreciate your comments. 🙂

  4. That brilliant blue sky makes me think it is warm over there, but I think it was deceptive. Lovely seaside walk Jo and I bet you were so pleased to find your friends having scones and tea to give you a lift home.

    1. So sorry for slow response, Pauline! Your last three comments have crept into my spam, but I’ve rescued you this morning 🙂 It’s been bitter cold here but that sky is always a boost for me.

  5. Lovely views under a clear blue sky! You really are a big walker.

    When we lived in Vanuatu, one of my favorite walks was around the edge of a small island in a salt-water lagoon that was connected to the shore by a very short bridge. The only trouble was, the whole island was part of a golf course. So I did need to watch for golf balls.

  6. Oh Jo, just look at those blue skies! I do love those sea views..just sorry it took me so long to get over here. But I know it’s always worth the wait. Nice you bumped into some friends too 🙂 Lovely photos as always, the beach looks gorgeous 🙂

    1. It’s so nearby, Sherri! I’m often on some stretch of that beach 🙂 It was such a crisp, lovely day. It’s such a boost to the spirits, isn’t it. We’ve had some white stuff since then and the skies are back to heavy, but I’m busy planning London on Friday. Hope all’s good with you? Have you managed to get much writing done? Or should I not ask? Not meaning to turn thumbscrews! Hugs, Sherri 🙂

  7. Jo the views from the sea are superb. I am loving your creativity in angles and perspective. Looks like you are having fun not just with the walking but the capturing of it for the rest of us. 🙂

    1. It has to stay interesting, Sue, otherwise I might as well find something else to do with my life. Actually, I often think that I should anyway, but I enjoy it so. Thanks for your kind words, hon. Lap up that sun! 🙂

  8. I love how all the photos have a palette of three colours: green, blue and brown. It really ties them together. The close-up of Steetley pier is stunning with that small puddle of reflection.
    (BTW I do have another walk to contribute, I just need to find time to sort the photos.)

    1. I have lots of photos of that pier and it’s surrounds, Elizabeth. It really is a fascinating structure. That bit of coast can look dull under grey skies but it was such a superb day for photos. Thank you!
      No hurry with your walk 🙂 Whenever you’re ready.

    1. It’s farmland, which abutts the golf course, AG. 🙂 I tried access from the Club House but would have been too conspicuous getting across the golf course to the coastal path. It resulted in a longer walk, but so be it 🙂

  9. A lovely walk Jo. You really are the queen-photographer of bridges, evidenced by that first shot. Others treats in this post: inviting paths; the mistressly framing of number 3; the sand ripples; and the word-images – the wriggling ribbon of water and the shadows that swept the beach bare. Glad I took time out from clothes-rolling to walk with you.

  10. I really don’t think much beats the sea… loving the electric blue as you call it Jo . My .. you must be fit all this walking .. well of course you are 😉 seen the photos .
    Have a great week !

    1. This time it was almost fit to drop, Poppy. A gentle amble turned into a marathon! But with a nice reward at the end. Keeping my head down and hoping the snow will fly past and not settle 🙂

  11. Your photos captivate me! I love the angles and leading lines of the bridges and piers and the textures and light of the beach and the sea. I learn a lot from your beautiful compositions. Thanks so much Jo!

  12. Another great walk….thought we would never reach the sea. lol
    I didn’t know you sponsored or hosted the walks. Where have I been??? 😦
    I have written some pseudo walks. lol
    I guess I just link to your blog when I post one. 🙂

    1. I have an auntie who lives in Dawlish, Gilly. At least, I did! It may be another sad story because I haven’t heard from her since before Christmas, and am awaiting a letter from her son.

  13. Well that was quite a bracing walk, Jo. I was so glad of those refreshments and the lift back to your house. 🙂 The pier looks as though there’s a bit missing. I wonder who stole it? Gorgeous sunset, but I could feel the cold.

  14. Lovely photos of the coastline Jo and Steetley Pier looks rather magnificent appearing in the distance! It does sound to have been rather cold though! The scones and jam would have been a welcome treat at the end of your walk and a well timed meeting with friends! Thanks again for including my heritage walk in your Weekly Walk 😃 Have a lovely week 😃

      1. No it’s quite warm enough thanks! Will be a bit too hot later this week 37 on Wednesday but it hasn’t been a particularly hot summer so far for us which is good! 😃

  15. No, this is not what immediately springs to mind when I hear the word Hartlepool! Amazing scenery Jo, lovely beach walk and fascinating sand swirls, culminating in that gorgeous up-close photo of the pier all lines and angles, sun and shadows! This does not look like England at all! My offering this week is a tad cooler I’m afraid, though I did set out with skies as blue as yours 😀
    Jude xx

    1. It’ll be looking equally bonny right now, Jude, but I never got off the mark this morning 😦 The white stuff arrived, it was slippy underfoot and our OAP’s walk was cancelled. I was almost sorry because it would have been very scenic in snow (a lakeside setting with lots of wildfowl), but getting there on icy roads and the risk to our aging ankles… such is life 🙂
      So I’ve been busy. It’s my son’s birthday on Friday but I’ll be in London for the day, so I suggested he could be birthday boy today. 🙂 We may make it out for a meal at teatime but otherwise I’ll be doing lasagne, before he drives back to Leeds tonight. And there’s always the Aussie Open 🙂
      Cheers for the walk! Be right there 🙂

      1. Nah! It’s too late now. A cosy evening in by the fire sounds good to me. What’s the birthday ? I think your offspring are much younger than mine.

  16. well Jo – I dubbed this post a celebration of lines – so many shots had small ones layered ones, thin ones, crossing ones – and it flowed so well – the bus ride back sounds realizing too 🙂 (and I read above about the snow and ice – brrr – stay warm amiga -)
    here’s some sun

    1. We don’t really have that culture, Colline, because warm reclining weather isn’t our strength in the north east. Dog walkers love it, though, and the bucket and spade and sandy sandwiches brigade are out at the least opportunity. 🙂

  17. The golf club has a most scenic location, dear Jo. But they often have prime locations, don’t they. Gorgeous beach images! We had a frosty night in the Rhine Valley and your photos make me long for our Norfolk beach. Have a great week, Jo, take care.

  18. I love these sea beach pictures, In my younger days bus rides were all part of a long walk one way or the other. they could be very interesting as well, so I dont say you cheated a little,, common sense comes to mind.

    1. And my legs were so tired (but happy!), Gerry 🙂
      Have you posted recently? I couldn’t see anything beyond your Christmas posts when I checked last week. Hope all’s well?

      1. No Jo, I haven’t done anything since Xmas, been busy with personal stuff and trying to finish my story, nearly there.. hoping to do a post shortly.. thank you always…

  19. What a lovely place to go for a walk – it looks so relaxing . The funny thing is it looks like the golf course near here in s.w. Victoria, Australia. The only real difference in the pier – we don’t have one of those.

    1. Hi Kate! 🙂 You’ll have forgotten how cold feels down there. I certainly walked briskly in those dark patches, but it is exhilarating and you do get the beach to yourself 🙂

    1. The ground’s covered in that white stuff this morning, Andrew, so the planned walk has been ditched. Shame because it will be beautiful in snow, but getting there could be precarious 😦

    1. Bless you, hon. Thank you so much! It’s blue again today but our pensioners walks been cancelled due to snow and ice 😦 I’ll have to catch up on here instead and keep half an eye on the tennis down under 🙂

  20. What a feast of sea views, Jo. I rather share your lack of enthusiasm for golf, but sea-side golf courses are often splendid places if they allow walkers to pass through too. Also thank you very much for the pingback.

    1. I’m off to a late start this morning, Paula, and our walk has been cancelled due to snow and ice!!! :(. The skies are bright so I may have a little wander later 🙂 Thanks for your company, hon. Have a good week!

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