A new exhibition

Magdalene Odundo exhibit, National Glass Centre

Magdalene Odundo exhibit,  National Glass Centre, Sunderland

Last week I suggested that it was a great time of year to visit museums.  One of my very favourites in the North East of England is the National Glass Centre at Sunderland.  I’m always excited to see the new creations and exhibitions.

The shot above is of Magdalene Odundo’s Transition II and you can see a video of its creation on the link.  It was captivating seen from any angle.

I love the shadows, rippling across the floor

I love the shadows, rippling across the floor

With the occasional flare of colour

With the occasional flare of colour

Of course, I couldn’t resist the lure of the display cabinets and the new items in there.

Isn't this a lovely piece?

Isn’t this a lovely piece?


And, naturally. there were owls!

And joyful elephants- why not?

And joyful elephants- why not?

I imagine you can see just why I love going there.  Maybe we’ll pop in again on my Monday walk, next week.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “New.”


  1. The thought and effort behind the Magdalene Odundo’s Transition II installation is truly impressive Jo! Would love to see this in person.

    1. I felt a little silly in retrospect, Madhu, because the lady herself was there and I could have talked to her but I went shy and stupid. Crept around looking at all the angles instead. Fabulous! 🙂

  2. And having just watched the video of the making of these pieces all I can say is “Wow!” How absolutely amazing are those glass-blowers? Such a lot of work goes into producing this – thank you for showing this to me.

    1. You’re more than welcome, Jude 🙂 I don’t follow my Reader any more and usually hop over to yours whenever I see a comment somewhere. A bit haphazard, but it mostly works 🙂
      Yes, we’ll have to get this meetup sorted. I had an empty calendar bit it’s filling swiftly. I expect to be in London on 23rd January, quite unexpectedly.

  3. Now how did I miss this? LOVE Magdalene Odundo’s Transition II – how did you drag yourself away from it to look at anything else? I feel a North Yorkshire visit on the cards, when it is a bit warmer perhaps…

  4. Glass art always amazes me and I love to see the creation of these beautiful pieces, it is fascinating to watch on the video link. I love how you have caught the shadows it makes a beautiful composition.

    1. Hi Pauline! How are you? I’m just back from a very windswept walk 🙂
      Tina (Schell) pointed out that this would be great for the ‘shadowed’ challenge, but that’s me- always a step behind or too far ahead 🙂 Have a happy week!

  5. What an interesting place Jo! Thanks for sharing. And just think, if you’d waited a day or two you could have posted it both for New AND for Shadowed 😊 Of course, loved the elephants especially!

  6. Gorgeous owls and elephants. The video of the making of the glass sculptures for the installation was amazing. Such intricate work, and they made a thousand of the pendants.

  7. This looks a lovely place to visit Jo and the glass pieces are exquisite 🙂 I’ve done Part 2 of my Perth Zoo Walk and I’ll submit it as a contribution for your Monday Walk next week as it follows on from Part 1 last week – here is the link http://wp.me/p4rCVl-yG Have a great weekend 🙂

    1. I could hardly believe what I was looking at, Meg! I did everything but lay down underneath them. Wish now that I had but Magdelene herself was there and I felt quite shy 🙂 Thanks, Meg! Another busy weekend? Counting down to Warsaw! 🙂 🙂

    1. You won’t regret a visit to the Glass Centre, Viv. I think this exhibition is just till March but it will tell you in the link. There is always something wonderful to see there.

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