Six word Saturday


“Reasons to be joyful- one…two…”

The sunshine after the rain

My lovely friend Sherri gave me my six words this week.  I was still busy thinking along the ‘Joy is‘ lines when she left me this comment- ‘I now have Ian Drury’s famous words ringing through my mind ‘Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three…’ ‘  Sherri always manages to make you feel good, even when she’s not feeling great herself.  And I love the song!

The joy continued as I walked down the road.  When did I last see so much colour, still in the trees at the end of November?  It really is beautiful.  How can it fail to lift the spirits?

Look at this!

Sunshine after the rain

Breathtaking, isn't it?

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Even the ones lying in puddles are pretty!

Even the ones lying in puddles are pretty!

And then you have lovely mopheads of hydrangeas

And then you have lovely mopheads of hydrangea

During the week, I provided huge novelty value for a gentleman walking his dog in our local cemetery.  I wasn’t visiting a grave, but passing through on my way into town.  This old cemetery has a huge swathe of trees and I deemed it a fine opportunity to test out the camera function on my new smartphone.  My face must have been a picture as I repeatedly produced ‘selfies’ of me scowling into the phone, totally incapable of switching to landscape mode, or whatever it’s called!

Eventually I ‘cracked it’, but the dog was not amused.  He and his master had by then completed several circuits of the cemetery, each time the dog having a little snarl at my heels.  I must have looked like a grave robber!  I smiled apologetically at his owner, waving the ‘camera’.  He then ventured near enough to point out a nice wood sculpture, just in case I’d missed it.  When I’ve sorted out processing, I might be able to share some of the photos with you, but that’s definitely for another week!  Meantime, let’s enjoy a Festival of leaves.  It’s the last week for entries.

More joy when I bumped into a friend that I haven’t seen for the longest time.  Following radical back surgery, he was looking great!  One last little treat- I bought myself a bunch of tiny rosebuds for just £2.  They’re beaming away at me from the hearth- red, lemon and peach.  So- let’s have it!  What brings you joy?

In all of this, I have to spare a thought for our American friends, fighting freezing temperatures and snow.  In parts of Australia they have the opposite problem, sweltering heat!  All in all, it’s not looking too bad to be here in England right now.  If you can find time, don’t forget to say hello to Cate at Show My Face.  Without her, what would I do with my Six word Saturday?



  1. ed ecco l’autunno col suo mantello di foglie, se ne adornano le strade e gli alberi e il loro vivace colore riesce ad addolcire la tristezza di una stagione che prelude all’inverno…in queste foto superbe hai voluto trasmetterci questa grande emozione!
    un grosso bacio molto affettuoso


    1. This past week has been damp and miserable, Ventis, but I’m trying hard not to be dispirited. Thanks for your continued support and lovely visits to mine. Hope you’re having a happy time! 🙂


  2. Sounds like a joyful day, Jo! 🙂 How lovely to have fall colours this late in the year… beautiful photos 🙂 Incidentally, I went shooting in a cemetery this weekend (though I didn’t have any trouble with dogs or phones ;-p) It had these lovely aged marble statues and I took plenty of pictures. Looking forward to seeing your photos. Think I’ll put up mine too!


    1. I don’t think I’m quite into the spirit of Instagram yet, Madhu. I like to download onto my laptop so I can see what I’ve got before ‘going live’, and my son tells me that’s not at all the idea 🙂 :).


  3. Oh Jo, I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you until this morning and then I read this…and I can’t tell you enough how much joy you’ve given me in this post (and thank you so much for the sweet mention). I smiled at your selfie antics in the graveyard experimenting with your new toy, yay!…and how you bumped into your old friend…and your own festival of leaves is just glorious. Once more my friend, you have given me more than three reasons to be cheerful, I really needed this… 🙂


    1. I know you often don’t ‘visit’ weekends, Sherri, and you’ve had laptop problems so I wasn’t really expecting you until today. Just happy the message got there in the end. You really are a lovely lady 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh…well, now I’m blushing…and you are a sweetheart ❤ Thanks so much for understanding Jo and yes, you've got my routine down pat! Although, dare I say that my laptop and email problems seem to have improved so that's one good thing. But I will be signing off tomorrow until next week, got the boys home for the weekend – Nicky's birthday – and I'm so behind it's not even funny. Still, I'm so glad I was able to get yesterday's post out about dear John, I feel the big freeze is starting to melt a little and I can get moving again. All thanks to my little robin! I'm still smiling about his visit. And I'm still singing 'Reasons to be Cheerful…. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Reasons to be joyful today: blue skies, a walk along the waterfront, my six-year-old grandson on the phone. No snow and 52 degrees in Seattle. Your fall color photos are lovely.


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