Joy is… so many things!


High tide!

I’m torn this week!  I have several reasons to be joyful.  Is that allowed, do you think?

The first one is that I have finally caught up with returning visits to my blog, after a week’s absence.  That is pure delight, never mind joy!  If I’ve missed anybody, will you give me a gentle nudge, please?

The second?  I can, more or less, operate my new phone.  Doing a dance for joy right now!

The third is the bit I’m going to share with you today.  In a generally gloomy week, we had a little pocket of sunshine in which I popped out to do a few jobs.  They just happened to be in the direction of Hartlepool Headland, and it was high tide.  Pure, unadulterated joy!

Whoosh goes the sea, against the pier!

Whoosh goes the sea, against the pier!

And against the town wall!

And against the sea wall!

This solitary chap was being a bit daring!

This solitary chap was being a bit daring!

But he got away with it!

But he got away with it!

For me there are few things more joyful than watching the sea demonstrate its might on a sunny afternoon.  I crouched beside the sea wall, excited as a child as the pier took hit after hit.  Of course, I should have rested the camera on the wall and stayed put till I got that perfect shot.  But so delighted was I at the great claps of spray flying around me that I totally forgot to stay still. The results are as you see.  But I had such fun!

You have to love it!

You have to love it!

It would have been so easy to get wet!

It would have been so easy to get wet!

But I somehow avoided it

But I somehow avoided it

Gorgeous, isn't it?

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

I had another reason to be joyful, but I’d better save that till next week, don’t you think?  Can I overdose on joy?

If you’d like to share a little more, please visit Kan.  Her Joy is series is just that.  A joy!



  1. Such a lovely long pier! I can feel the joyfulness in your captures, Jo. The waves are so amazing to watch. I do miss them, and am looking forward to a visit to MY pier some time next year. New phones are quite a challenge. So glad you’re winning the battle. Have joyous weekend, and I wait in breathless anticipation to read about your other reason to be joyful. 🙂 xx

    1. Don’t get too breathless, Ad- it’s not good for you! 🙂 You’d have had a good chuckle watching me try to take photos (in the cemetery) with the phone this morning. It made a dogwalker and his pet very suspicious 🙂

      1. Hahaha. yes, I can just imagine how funny that must have looked. Were you furtive, or quite shameless about it? I wonder if you managed to snap any ghosts. perhaps you should go back at night some time. 🙂

      2. Oooh, no! I’m a scaredy cat 😦 The trees were looking gorgeous and that was what I was aiming at, so not really furtive, but that’s a hint for you. Nudge! Nudge!

  2. After reading this deligthful post I now have Ian Drury’s famous words ringing through my mind ‘Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three…’ Love it, just what the doctor ordered, an injection of pure joy and as you say, what can be better than watching the waves surge against the November blue sky. Have a great rest of the week Jo 🙂

      1. It was lovely, thanks Jo. Just what we needed, a change of scene and time together just ‘hanging out’. Haha…we won’t forget that song now will we? I’m shooting off into town shortly, we’re out of everything, including loo roll, yikes o_O. Hope you have a lovely day 🙂

  3. Oooh you’ve got us all going with this Jo 🙂 I can sense your joy in every photo here …. ah those waves … the head rush of it all … Marvejols …I envy you being so close to the sea .. Lol am sure I’m repeating myself …
    Another secret joy to be told yet then ….
    Good to hear all well on the new phone front !

    1. Hiya Poppy! 🙂 What a disgrace to the walking fraternity I am today! I was going out with the Nordics (to a country park) but a few raindrops have frightened me away. I much prefer the sea to mud 🙂

  4. Great post Jo your joy is infectious! Love all the shots and you did well not to lose your camera in the waves by the look of it! I also bit the bullet and went off to get a new phone this week – have been meaning to “trade in” my ancient dinosaur of a phone for some time. I can’t say I’ve exactly mastered the new iPhone but am slowly getting there I think – it’s wonderful it “talks” to my iPad! Look forward to reading next week’s instalment too! 🙂

  5. These are amazing shots of the energy of the ocean. Yes joyful and energy found no where else.
    You have caught the energy in your photos.
    Great shots.

  6. Wow, Jo! That first shot is a doozy! And the rest of them – it was fabulous because by the end I could hear the roar 😃

    We can never have too much joy. Sometimes we can’t take it all in, but there’s no danger of overdosing!

      1. Jo, i think it’s very hard to capture nature photos we are satisfied with for exactly that reason. We always know what scents, sounds, touch of elements, and -as you say -sheer magnitude of the moment – are missing. Others who look at the photos see what’s there, not what’s missing.

        It’s one reason I sometimes leave camera behind. I won’t have anything to show others, but my own memory holds it all.

      1. If you ever have the opportunity to visit we can walk it together, Jo. 🙂 I’ll watch the weather reports too and maybe I can catch one of the winter King Tides during a wind storm… If so I’ll post the photos as part of your Monday Walk series. 🙂

  7. What a delight to have so many reasons from joy, and how well you photograph the water-cause of that joy. I also understand joy in mistressry of the phone. Beat the techno-bastard into submission – or are you a seducer? I’m eager to know the Third Joy. This is an excellent challenge.

    1. I need to come back and see your jazz band, Meg 🙂 🙂 More joy! The mistress of the phone is more of a snarler and a ‘do it my way’!
      Did Andrew from Have Bag, Will Travel get in touch? He’s seeking tips on Warsaw.

  8. Absolutely and most definitely allowed. Congratulations on mastering your new phone and on the great captures of the sea in your image. My favourite is the one with the ‘whoosh’ captions under it. 😉

    1. It’s a lovely theme, isn’t it, Lynne?
      I’m currently watching ‘Great Continental Railway Journeys’ on TV. It’s in Poland so I’m enjoying it enormously. More joy! 🙂

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