Festival of leaves- week 2

Solitary on an Algarve bench

Solitary on an Algarve bench

Or an Algarve beach

Or even on an Algarve beach

Have you seen any lovely leaves lately?  This is an Autumn challenge I discovered just last week. Rather nice, isn’t it?  Just click on the link to start those leaves falling.  I was out kicking the English leaves about today.  Just as beautiful!  Join me next week and see.


    1. Do they change in China, Cathy? In the Algarve the plane trees do but many of the others don’t. It will be a washing/cooking/ironing day as James is home on a ‘quick turnaround’. Maybe a stroll later, and then finish my Monday walk. Have fun! 🙂


      1. I know the leaves change in the north of China, Jo, where they do have four distinct seasons, but I really don’t know about down here in the south. I hope you got all your washing/cooking/ironing done! And had some fun with James too. 🙂


  1. so many things I could moment on format hat post – but I leave with two images stuck in my head the most – and that is the wallpaper and those cool fine nails – what a soothing post – peace

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    1. sorry Jo – this comment was meant to go with the other post – I am sure you know which one – but when I clicked to comment it lead me here again – okay just and to clarify that…. 🙂 ❤ hugs


      1. I have been so behind on my blog reading Jo. Hope you are doing well. It is getting really cold here but the leaves are spectacular. So that is always nice. Good to hear from you!


  2. There are some beautiful read ivy leaves along the road from us – the colour is stunning. Unfortunately they are not in a place where it would be possible to park, or even park elsewhere and walk to as there are no pavements, and it’s a busy road. I just admire them every time I drive past.


    1. Thanks, Sherri 🙂 I’m still in shock from watching Klizan beat Rafa! Deserved, too. Played the most dynamic 3rd set I’ve seen in a while. Ah well- that leaves my Saturday free. Have a good weekend. 🙂


      1. I missed it Jo…but if it was deserved then I can only imagine how well Klizan played. Darn it though…oh well, as you say, now you can do other fun things this weekend I hope! Have a great one (and thank you again so much for your really lovely message over on Jill’s blog, it really moved me…)

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  3. oh so sign of Autumn have reached Portugal already, well i guess it is about that time of year:) and i love your festival of leaves. London is still quite warm, we are finally getting our summer it seems 🙂 and i love it! Autumn is great but the winter that follows ekkk im dreading it!


  4. OOH! Something new..

    My 10 year old brought me a pretty maple leaf yesterday, which I’m flattening in my Kindle case. Apple-picking tomorrow should produce some images to share! =D


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