Six word Saturday


Remember the lady with orange hair?

And her husband

And her husband

Yes, that IS an octopus fascinator and she calls him Ishmael.  I will be in Loughborough at a coffee morning for the Macmillan Nurses when you’re reading this.  Leo’s Dad died of cancer last year and his Mum is bravely hosting at her home.  I foresee a little fun in my weekend, though I won’t be wearing an octopus any time soon.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to respond to any comments today but I hope you’ll all still be playing Six word Saturday.  Cate at Show My Face hopes so too.  I’m scheduling this post because I’m away all weekend.  Catch up with you next week!  Take care!



  1. I’ve just learned a new word: fascinator. Somehow I missed that one. I see they have fascinators on Amazon, but none as fascinating as the octopus.


  2. So hard to say good-bye to those we love isn’t it? Sorry for Leo’s loss. Your daughter is spunky and fun! I had hair that color once upon a time! 🙂

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


    1. Sort of marmalade colour, Paula. 🙂 She has the loveliest fair skin which seems to wear most things well. Yesterday was a lovely day and today I believe we’re going to Nottingham Castle then out to lunch. All is peaceful at the moment. 🙂


      1. 42 and she has sold her work but not recently. It takes too much time to make the costumes to do it for money so she’s an administrator by profession. 😦


      2. Compromises we all have to make. It’s good that she is doing it in her spare time at least. Aren’t you tempted to wear some of her gowns? 😀


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