Six word Saturday


The cards are opened.  Enfin, Paris!


Apologies for the terrible photographs, but I’m excited, you see!  I haven’t opened the top card, from ‘the girls’- it’s boxed and going with us.  Our anniversary is on Tuesday, when we hope to be at Monet’s Giverny.  Thank you so much for all your support and good wishes.  These are just a sample of the cards.  People have been so very kind.

This is where I shall be staying- in miniature.  No, not me- the photo!

My artist's garret

My artist’s garret

As usual, my six words aren’t!  There I’ll be, in the garret, scribbling away in my diary.  Happy Saturday to you!  Don’t forget to join Cate at Show My Face.  I’ll leave you with a few flowers.

Roses for romance!

Roses for romance!

I won’t be around to answer you till late Thursday.  Take care!



  1. Oh, happy belated anniversary Jo! I’m sure you had a wonderful trip. Sorry I’ve been out of touch for so long but with my trip to Puerto Rico and then getting ready and coming to China, I’m way behind. Hope to catch up slowly but surely. Love and hugs. xxx


  2. I’m only just catching up with all my blog reading from the last couple of weeks and I’m sorry to have missed your anniversary, so here are my rather belated Happy Anniversary wishes. I hope you had a lovely day. 🙂


      1. 🙂 Did Michael like Paris? Hubby and I will be celebrating our 25th in November (the dating anniversary; we got married later on after the war)


      2. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it but we ‘courted’ for 17 years before we got married? He’s the impetuous type 🙂 Do you have an anniversary plan, or just a nice meal out?

        I was surprised at how friendly the French were! They don’t have that reputation and that’s not how I remember them either. We both absolutely loved Giverny although Michael’s not an Impressionist fan. We was bored in the Musee D”Orsay but liked Rodin’s sculpture garden. 🙂


      3. That’s a long time for courtship :D. We don’t make big fuss over it, but there will be food involved as always 😀 Yes, Paris is very friendly, but I did not have the same impression in some other parts of the country though I spoke their language. Still I like French better than most nations in Europe :D. You were bored in D’Orsay? I tried to enter, but it was the day when some high ranked German politicians were there and the lines were impossible. Where was your hotel?


      4. I loved D’Orsay but Mick didn’t. We stayed in an apartment in Rue Tiquetonne near Les Halles. 4 flights of circular wooden stairs, no lift. I’m a masochist 🙂
        The location was great. Not so smart and trendy as the Marais but well suited to us. It was like being in someone’s home. A whole bookcase full of interesting things I didn’t have time to read.


      5. That looks close enough 🙂 An apartment without lift is not an option for us considering all the gear and luggage 😀 Marais is trendy, but I did not find it that fascinating. What can I say – I am Rive Gauche type of person.


      6. 😀 I can’t wait to see the rest of your pics. Knowing you, you will post them all soon enough, and not procrastinate like me 😀


  3. Just lovely …. my romantic heart is so soft now. Congratulations … you’re really worth each other. Always remember to love each other so long as you have each other.


    1. Thanks, Vivi. 🙂 His best moment was when he went back up the 4 flights of stairs for my jacket in case I was cold on the river. Which reminds me- is your lift fixed yet?


      1. …. if that was me I probably would have to run up for his jacket! Paris most had a very special effect on him. *smile
        Yes, the lift was up and working yesterday. In Simrishman just now, but Oscar is resting at home.


  4. 🙂 Enjoy, Jo !!! 🙂 I am wondering how long you will stay. I envy you, we haven’t been this year, not since April 15++, 2013. I know you will enjoy Monet’s Giverny. Take lots of pictures.
    If you are staying you might consider the Albert Kahn Musee et Jardins, 14, rue du Port, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France. That is about 17km west of the Eiffel. We spent a nice afternoon there one time. My blog: (I had no 6WS this week.)


    1. Thanks a lot, Jim 🙂 It was wonderful! We had 5 nights and with a day planned in Versailles and in Giverny there wasn’t too much time to spare, but we made the very most of it.


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