Figueira beach

Figuera beach

Figueira beach

I’m back in the business of lifting spirits this morning.  My own as well as yours, I hope.  It’s what Christine would have wanted, isn’t it?  She loved beaches, too.

Do you remember that I took a walk at Barragem de Bravura, forgetting to take water with me? Stupid, I know!  Back in the car, the plan was to head for the village of Figueira, just 15 minutes away.  The attraction was a short walk to an unfamiliar beach.  I can never resist checking out a ‘new’ one.

The village was very small.  Not wanting to walk too far, when my husband spotted the ‘praia’ sign he turned into the narrow lane that led to the beach.  I couldn’t fault the logic.  If only there might be the tiniest of beach bars!  But I had that sinking feeling as we left the car, far from the village, to follow a winding trail.

Will there be a beach bar? I don't think so!

Will there be a beach bar? I don’t think so!

But there were some interesting looking ruins up on the top

But there were some interesting looking ruins up on the top

And some beautiful rock formations

And some beautiful rock formations

And a man fishing from the rocks

And a man, fishing from the rocks

And water, everywhere!

And water, everywhere!

But you know very well that there wasn’t a beach bar, don’t you?  It just wasn’t that kind of beach. It was undeniably beautiful though, and I had remembered towels!  Michael slumped down against the rocks and closed his eyes.  Are you feeling sorry for him, yet?

I raced off to paddle.  Blissful, cool water between my toes!

I had all those interesting rock formations to explore

Then I explored all those interesting rock formations

Sculpted by the sea

Sculpted by the sea

And dramatic in their beauty

And dramatic in their beauty

Looking back across the beach

Looking back across the beach

And up at the cliffs

And up at the cliffs

This is my kind of beach!

This is definitely my kind of beach!

Yes, I did eventually run out of steam, and slump down beside Michael.  But not for too long.  The need for water was becoming more urgent.  Reluctantly we turned our back on the beach.

You’ll be happy to know that at our next stop, we did find liquid refreshment.  But that’s a story for next Monday’s walk.

It’s July 4th and American Independence Day today, so some of you might be going to the beach. Have a great time, won’t you, but please don’t forget the water!



  1. Wow! Is there a picture of you somewhere in your element? Beautifully taken, Jo. What a place! (I hope they won’t build a bar on top 😉 )

  2. It looks like a beautiful beach day, and what a lovely secluded spot! Even if you didn’t find the kind of refreshment you were looking for, at least you got some refreshment paddling about in the water! Can’t wait to see your Monday walk! xxx

    1. It’s half done 🙂 I’ve got one eye on the Wimbledon final but it’s no fun without Rafa. I’ve gotten into Tour de France this last day or so but purely because it’s based in Yorkshire this year (I know- how weird is that?)

  3. Love the beach. Beautiful and so peaceful. A perfect place to relax, reflect, remember people we care about no longer with us. Thanks for sharing this little piece of paradise. Have a blessed day to you & your family.

  4. “Water, water everywhere!” I’m prepared to bet you didn’t only drink water at the bar.

    What a lovely beach you found and what a great portrait of it. I’m still finding beaches within 50 km of home after 40 years: my failure? Or nature’s profligacy? You’ve given me a mission when I return home – an extended beach crawl up and down the coast. I doubt I’ll find many ruins, though – or submerge myself in the sea.

    On the subject of July 4th. My daughter is teaching English to a group from Belarus. One of the other teachers, an American, gave her class a quiz, including a question about Old Glory. She asked them if they had a nickname for their flag. They did: the sun over the swamp!

    1. I must look at the Belarus flag! It paints a great picture, Meg 🙂
      Ooh, an Aussie beach crawl- I’ll look forward to that! How much longer are you in Warsaw?

  5. Hi Jo,
    This is a beautiful series of photos. But between the salt and the sun, you dry out pretty quickly and need to go wet the whistle! Thanks for taking us out to the beach!

    1. Hi Naomi 🙂 Lesson learnt! I don’t think I’ll ever be allowed over the doorstep without a bottle of water from now on. (and it’s pouring down today 🙂 )

    1. We had a ‘girls night’ last night and one of my friends was showing us her video of a Florida holiday with a hurricane on her doorstep. The rain was unbelievable! Raining here in the UK this morning, but ‘gentle’ rain 🙂 Hugs, Eunice!

      1. Sun will be out soon for a day and a half then more to fall but the squash, cukes, string beans and potatoes are looking great not sure the tomatoes like being so wet after a 2 week period of 80 to 90 F weather though we did lol HUGS

  6. I would walk for days to find a beach bar, Jo 😉 I love the way the ocean sculptures those rocks, it’s an awesome sight indeed!

    May the Fourth be with you, Jo! 😀

  7. Thank goodness there was NO bar Jo. It would have ruined it. Thanks Jo…you did exactly what you set out to do…uplifted my spirits. It is so cold here…windy, rain…though do see blue sky peeking through. I hope it gets better as I had planned to take my two students from Hong Kong to the beach today.

      1. They are lovely girls but the weather has really put a damper on things. At least the sky is blue…and we plan to go after lunch when I am hoping the wind has died down a little.

  8. Definitely my kind of beach too Jo, but I’m intrigued about your liquid refreshment for the next post! I love paddling too, nothing like it for hot feet! Lovely post as always, gorgeous photos. You find the best places! Hope you have a good weekend, even though Wimbledon has been such a disappointment….back to normal next week, or whatever normal is 😉

    1. It was a day and a half, Sherri! You have to feel sorry for my husband by the end of it 🙂 He did!
      I’d like Fed to win one more- partly to keep Novak at bay, but let’s face it, he’s earned another? Michael keeps saying he has 4 to feed now- got to work harder 🙂

  9. So beautiful and peaceful, the sort of beach I’m looking for! Reminds me of the area around Carvoeiro – have you been there? It was a lovely little town, no high rise buildings then (2002) a lovely beach and some nice coastal walks along the cliffs. A beach bar would definitely have been the icing on the cake – or the G&T in the glass 😀

    1. I’ve only been to Carvoeiro once, and though I could see the appeal, for me it was totally spoilt, Jude. Why do you think I chose Tavira? 🙂 🙂 Novak/Fed as expected, Jude! I was shouting for Dimitrov.

      1. Good match Novak and Dimitrov, I was hoping it would go to 5 sets. Hope Novak wins on Sunday – I like his style. Who do you reckon will win the ladies match? I thought Bouchard was very lucky yesterday, and Kvitiva has the experience, but it could go either way. Hope we have a good set of finals – often they can be the least exciting matches of the tournament.

    2. Federer please, and Bouchard 🙂 Novak is amazing but I don’t want him to win. After all the effort Fed has put into getting back I think he’s earned this one. But we’ll see.
      Just back from a girls night in one of our houses so feeling a little blurred. Zumba tomorrow will sort me out 🙂

      1. I miss the girls night out, the trouble with moving so often is that you lose out on the friends.

        Have a good weekend Jo 🙂

      1. I haven’t heard from him yet but hope to as I don’t have his email address and wasn’t sure about using Christine’s. How did he sound?

      2. Sorry, Gilly. Been on a ‘girl’s night’ at one of my lady friends’s homes. Just in. Will replicate message and funeral details in my 6WS tomorrow. God bless! 🙂

      1. Everyone has told me to go to Coronado so it’s now on my ‘must stop’ list of beaches. (Which I’m not sure I’m going to be able to accomplish in 10 days, but we’re going to give it a darned good try!)

  10. Beach is where you really can relax yourself. This beach is beautiful, perfect… Looking forward to walk with you next Monday. Happy weekend, Jo! Btw, I’m flying home today 🙂

  11. The beach is always my favorite place to feel at peace…except when I’m trudging around with no water. And, what? No beach bar?
    Thanks for this wonderful post on the beach today! Hugs and xoxo to you.

    1. It would have been awfully difficult to get crates of beer out along the trail to the beach, Angeline 🙂 Robin had the best idea- his own travelling bar 🙂 Thank you! Hugs back xx

  12. A stunning beach walk Jo. Thank you for this lovely outing. I love beaches very much and can feel the ocean air. 🙂 Sending you and extra hug today. You are in my thoughts.

    1. It was a glorious spot and I may go back at some point, Sue. It was about an hour 15 by car, and there are so many beaches to choose from in the Algarve. Thanks a lot, Sue. Hugs!

  13. Oh this my perfect kind of beach Jo . Mental note to fill water bottle !
    You set for a weekend of tennis by any chance 😉

  14. Reminds me of some of the more isolated beaches in Oman Jo. We could pitch our tent on the dunes and have the beach to ourselves (apart from the odd turtle or two) for a whole weekend. We did take plenty of water and we also took our own bar 🙂

  15. That reminds me of the beach below us when we were camping at Lagos. Portugal truly has the most beautiful beaches. I guess it’s the Atlantic coastline. Spanish ones are much better once the corner has been turned past Gib eg the beautiful ones up from Tarifa.

    1. I’m always meaning to see a bit more of the Costa de la Luz, Rough, but it’s a bit of a hike. I was planning Cadiz later this year but not sure yet if it’s going to happen. 🙂

    1. I know! We should be American, Debbie 🙂 Or maybe not- Yvette Prior says there’s a hurricane on the way. Always bad news for somebody! Enjoy your (sunny?) weekend! 🙂

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