A lingering look at Algarve windows

Can you see the lamp reflected in the top left?

Can you see the lamp reflected in the top left?

It’s a while since I found time for a windows post, but I did find some rather nice ones in the Algarve recently.  The one above is in the village of Cacelha Velha.  The others are pure Tavira!

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I think I’ll save some for next week.  You can have too much of a good thing, can’t you? I like a bit of a story with my windows.  The one below is one of the upstairs windows at the cafe Anazu. You might remember I have a penchant for a glass of port there?  The piped music is always gentle and relaxed and, if that’s not enough entertainment, you can watch the swifts swooping overhead, into their nests.   The umbrellas provide a spot of cover, just in case!

A good view of the swifts nests

Here’s one, just returning!

I wonder what kind of windows Dawn is featuring this week.  Old, new, shiny, stained glass- they all have that something that makes you linger, don’t they?  She’s up to #week 25 in the current series!  Let’s go take a look.


    1. I thought you might recognise a few, Cathy. Second lot coming up on Thursday. I just read your ‘reenactment post’ this morning. Waiting for China news 🙂

  1. The nicest windows ever Jo!! Too many I like to just pick one. Its a wonder you don’t trip and fall in your quest for these beauties! 🙂

  2. I hadn’t heard of Algarve till I found your blog Jo. The windows are lovely… I would love to peek out of the one with the passionflower, with my morning cuppa in hand 🙂

    1. That one has captured a few hearts this week 🙂
      The Algarve is such a lovely place, with a wealth of history and beautiful landscape. I’m glad you’ve found it (and me!)

  3. Beautiful …. and you always find the most beautiful windows … that just tells me: welcome inside. – Really pretty and I understand that you love to be down there – I could live in the yellow house too. *smile

      1. Okay, when do we move in ???? *smile
        It’s a really beautiful house – that warm yellow with the white details.

      2. Blue & white is my favorite color combination – but I have honeysuckle cabinets and forest green carpets. Thank you so much for your kind comment again.

  4. I love these photos of algarve very much, windows are the bright spots on egyptian walls, too! I also really like the way your slideshow has captions, thats a great idea!
    Congratulations! I have awarded you with the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award!

    Please come to the award party I am throwing in your honor at https://aishasoasis.wordpress.com/2014/06/20/edenkeeper-article-egypt-illuminates-ancient-alleyways-with-solar-lights/
    see you there! ;^)

    1. Thank you, Aisha 🙂 That’s such a lovely name. Very sweet of you to honour me with an award but I find I really don’t have time to meet the criteria these days. I’ll happily come and have a look around your blog though.

      1. No problem about the award, I dont really nominate with strings attached, I changed the rules so recycling them is optional! But they are just a great opportunity I love to share, to express my appreciation for your beautiful blog and introduce you to the folks who read mine! Happy weekend to you and yours! ♥ ;^)

    2. I forgot to say that I still have an Awards page, and I’ll include you on there, Aisha. It’s all a question of time, I’m afraid 🙂 🙂 If I can find some I promise to come and meet some of your friends.

    1. You never tire of the patterns, Dianne. I still sometimes find ones that I haven’t seen before, though there are a few that recur everywhere. 🙂

    1. I always want to see the garden behind that wall, Paula 🙂 Thank you so much for finding time to visit me. I do appreciate it. Must be around your bedtime now. Sleep tight! 🙂

      1. 😀 Our football frenzy disturbed my sleeping routine. I suppose I will be up till 2 am again 😀 Never mind as long as we win Mexico on Monday 😉

  5. What a lovely look at windows, Jo. The one with the half moon faces is a conversation piece. The Algarve never disappoints one, unless you had an encounter with the swifts or the town was out of port. 🙂

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