Six word Saturday


Polish memories tucked away- for now!

But it will take me a while to forget my boatman

But it will take me a while to forget my boatman

And the astounding scenery

And the astounding scenery

Of the Dunajec Gorge

In the Dunajec Gorge

You might have seen my river rafting post yesterday.  I had the best time!  And looking back I have so many more lovely memories from Poland, and that’s not even including the wedding.

Flower stalls at Borek Falecki market

I loved the flower stalls at Borek Falecki market

There's always something to see in the Rynek

And there’s always something to see in the Rynek

Or a horse who's all set to go

Like a horse and pretty lady, who’s all set to go

Cafe culture in the arcades of the Sukiennice

Cafe culture in the arcades of the Sukiennice

And we can't leave without one last piece of Polish cake

And I can’t leave without one last piece of Polish cake

I still have a few memories to share some day, but later this week I’m heading to the Algarve and you know I’ll bring a pocketful of memories back.  The laptop won’t be coming with me.  It’s in very poor health at the moment and needs a little expert attention.  The camera will, of course, but I haven’t used it since an unfortunate episode on Monday.  Wish me luck with that.

I won’t be here for Six word Saturday next week but I’m pretty sure I’ll find you all the following one.  Meantime, don’t forget to visit Cate at Show My Face to read this week’s posts.  And, most of all, enjoy your Saturday!



  1. Memories that lightens our day. From the scenic boat ride to the heavenly sweets, a journey to celebrate always. Thanks.

    1. How long ago this seems, Mr. B, but the memories are still quite special. I’m just back from a week in Portugal so will be scurrying to catch up with everybody in the next few days. 🙂

  2. No life wests … ???? And a cake without calories … Love the poppies, my favorite summer flower. In any color. Just like you … a colorful and harmonic post again. Still not have a clue about the 6 words. *smile – beautiful post, Jo!

  3. Oh boy, Jo, your trip to Portugal is coming up! I’m sure those Polish memories will be with you for a long time, and will probably come right along to Tavira with you. By the way, I just watched an interesting Polish movie the other day called “Ida.” It’s about a young girl about to take her vows in a convent when the Mother Superior tells her she should meet her only surviving relative before taking the vows. It’s a pretty dark movie, in black and white with subtitles, but it was pretty good. Have you seen it?

    1. Feels like lots and lots to do before I go, Cathy, and you know I don’t even really need to pack! 🙂 I want to fit one last t’ai chi in tomorrow morning, and I’m hoping Rafa will play the quarter final at the French earlyish or I’ll miss it! Got to get your priorities right, huh? 🙂 🙂
      Food shopping for James, an exhibition in our Art Gallery that will be gone when I get back, the library for a book on Paris and cleaning at Dad’s today. Should keep me out of mischief 🙂
      Haven’t seen that movie but I’ll watch out for it. Hugs, darlin!

      1. Sounds like you have a lot to squeeze in, Jo! You better get busy! I know you don’t need to pack much, but still there are last minute things to do. How long will you be in Portugal this time? Hugs and Bon Voyage!

  4. I am amazed at the variety in your shots Jo!! I wouldn’t be able to tuck these memories away at all! Look forward to another fabulous set from the Algarve. Have fun 🙂

  5. I would like to go inside Rynek too :D. Jo, have a great time in Algarve. Just to make things clear you are not posting “walk” for how long?

    1. Hi Paula 🙂 Just home from this morning’s walk so haven’t had time to visit you yet. I’m on my way! 🙂 Just wanted to confirm, no walk next week but there should be a Monday walk June 16th (unless something foolish happens to the camera).

  6. The scenery and flowers look almost as good as that cake! I am going to be revisiting all your posts of Poland, Jo, in anticipation of our trip. You are a great travel guide.
    Good luck in Portugal–looking forward to more photos and adventures. As always, I wish you a wonderful time and a safe journey home.

      1. Dear Jo,
        We have a few weeks to figure out the details. We will be flying into Krakow, going to Warsaw, visiting Gdansk, dropping Bea at her Yiddish Culture school in Vilnius, and then bopping over to Eastern Pomerania, which is The Old Country for my mom’s paternal line. Any suggestions would be welcome. Like, where’d you get that piece of cake!

      2. Well, the cake is easy, Naomi! You can get superb cake everywhere in Poland, so that’s the good news. That particular piece was from a little cafe called Consonni at 38 Ul. Strazacka (actually an Italian family using Polish products)). I think you will be bound to visit the Mariacki Church in the Rynek, for its wonderful Veit Stoss altar. In the small courtyard to the right of that you will find a small church- Sw. Barbary. It is glorious inside. The cafe is just behind there. We popped in out of the rain 🙂
        I envy you Gdansk. I don’t know if or when I’ll make it that far north (or south, depending how you look at it!).

  7. I really like the boatman cloth, is it a Polish traditional clothing, and what is it in front of the boat, grass? Oh and the view is superb Jo!
    Have a nice trip to Algarve! I will be off as well next week to Indonesia but I hope to post something before leaving..will keep posted! cheers and hope you had a lovely weekend!

    1. Hi Indah 🙂 The waistcoats are traditional clothing from the Gorale, or mountain area, in the south of Poland. I don’t know if you saw the river rafting post? You get a better look at it there. On the front of the boats they have thick moss, I think to protect them when pulling in at the landing stage.
      Indonesia will be amazing- no doubt about it! I’m just preparing my Monday walk and that will be all for a while. Have a great time!

  8. Joy – first of all – you take some fantastic photos – and in this post – I first scrolled in my email inbox and I was taken back by the flower shot – the down view with the tall poppy – and then that cake – the color you captured in each layer was so clear and the angle with the fork – PERFECT!

    Then coming here to the actual post – the cafe photo – with the engle showing the lights and pillars – and a hint of the city – with the people – well it said so much too – and well, it was just fun to read your words with the photos – with a bit of humor mixed in – like “there’s always something to see in the Rynek” as the guy looks in the art mask – ha!

    and I looked up polish hug in the translator – and so here is one for you…
    ❤ polski przytulić ❤

    1. Bless you, Yvette, for your enthusiasm 🙂 I do try to amuse, even if it’s only myself! It’s wonderful to have an appreciative audience.
      A Polish hug to you too! Najlepsze zyczenia 🙂

  9. Love the head shot Jo! Have a lovely time in Portugal. We’ve had a good start to the Lakes – well may it continue (well except for getting out of Shropshire – that took ages!!!) I think you have convinced me to pay a visit to Poland – so which airline and where best to stay?

    1. We usually fly Ryanair to Krakow, Jude (that’s where Adam’s bakery business is, but it’s an excellent base for so many things). The mountains are just a couple of hours south of there, and it’s a beautiful city in its own right. It’s only 4 hours by fast train to Warsaw. Or Wroclaw, nearer to the Silesian border and the Beskidy Mountains is another lovely city.
      Have a think when you get back and we’ll have a chat.
      Sunny 2 days running here! Hope it’s the same for you 🙂

    1. I’m careless by nature, M-R, but the camera was a catastrophe. The laptop is just very old. I’m a very low tech person and don’t usually travel with anything other than my very basic phone to keep me in touch with my son and daughter. The Algarve is my haven of peace 🙂

      1. Yes, I know I’m lucky. Just occasionally the son will drop a bombshell on us while we’re out there. So we don’t get too secure 🙂

  10. I’m looking forward to your Portugal. I’ll miss frequent posts, but I admire your capacity to unhook, even if the unhooking is forced on you! May the camera make a total recovery. I twitch when I can’t take photos. The ethnographic museum in Dubrovnik was a photo feast, and the camera was banned. Have a good time being restfuljo!

    1. Thanks, Meg 🙂 I’ll be posting an English walk on Monday before I go, then I’m hoping to do a bit of cliff top walking over there. Have you been on the walls yet, or is it too warm?

    1. Rarely, Viv, but I spent a couple of hours watching Rafa this afternoon 🙂 I’ve misjudged it a bit because we’ll be away for the final (assuming he gets there) and we don’t have TV.

      1. I agree with you here! I timed it badly to be away from the tennis -was getting into it. But at least we’ll be home for Wimbledon!

      2. You’ll need to be at the pub for your lunch at 12.30, Jude. That’s when the Andy thriller is set to conclude 🙂 We have some lovely neighbours in the Algarve I can usually beg an hour of TV tennis from, but they have grandchildren staying the exact same time we’re there so can’t count on it 😦

  11. Have fun in Portugal. Good to see people still climbing inside that upturned head statue in Rynek. I did the same but slipped and landed in a foot deep puddle of rain and melted snow!

  12. Have a wonderful trip to the Algarve Jo. May your laptop and camera all be happy campers on your return. You have some lovely photos in this post. I especially like the archways and outdoor restaurants.

    1. I never saw the Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) looking so lovely, Sue. I did intend an ‘S’ post on it. Well, maybe next time around 🙂 The Algarve couldn’t be more different but I love a bit of contrast.

  13. oh what fun. and great photos! love the flower-filled one featuring poppies. I love poppies. and the sidewalk cafes with the arches: wow! I’d love a piece of that cake too 🙂 Safe travels and enjoy the Algarve. Can’t wait to see your posts after you return, assuming you get your laptop working. good luck with that!

    1. The flower stalls were on a local market by the tram terminus, Tobyo. It was always a serious temptation on all sorts of counts.
      Up till today it had been a miserable week weatherwise here but I seem to have imported a little Algarve sunshine. 🙂 At least for a day or two till I get to the real thing!

  14. Oh I do envy you on this most lovely and exciting trip. Thank you for sharing photos, it’s nearly as good as being there. Although, hard to taste your last photo from here! Lovely photos.

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