Six word Saturday


Weronika and Wojciech- health and happiness!

The bride and groom

The bride and groom

The children helping to pick up the 'lucky' coins

The children helping to pick up the ‘lucky’ coins, thrown outside the church after the wedding

Sweeping up the glasses smashed for good luck

Sweeping up the glasses, smashed for good luck, before the reception

One of 3 tables at the 'wesele' or reception

One of 3 tables at the ‘wesele’ or wedding reception

One of the chandeliers

The chandeliers were beautiful, weren’t they?

I was there!

I was there, too!

The bride and groom with parents

The bride and groom with parents

And with sister, Ula and brother, Lukasz

And with sister, Ula and brother, Lukasz

Dad 'dancing' with his walking stick and cousin Irena

Dad ‘dancing’ with his walking stick, and cousin Irena

The cake!

The cake!

Feeding each other cake

Feeding each other cake

Maybe not the best of photographs, but certainly the best of occasions.  This is just a snippet from the Polish wedding I attended in Krakow last week.  I cannot thank everybody enough for their kindness.  I had a truly wonderful time, and I think you can see, the bride and groom did too. I know you’ll join me in wishing my neice, Weronika, and her husband, Wojtek (a simpler spelling) the very best of health and happiness in their future together.

My feet have barely touched the ground since my return, and my head is still full of Polish words like ‘slub’- the wedding!  Join me on my Monday walk if you’d like a look at some of the Polish landscape.  Meantime, hello again, and don’t forget to visit Cate at Show My Face to play Six word Saturday.  I’ll be playing ‘catch up’!  See you soon.




  1. What a lovely reception Jo and such beautiful people. I can see you enjoyed taking those shots. 😀
    Thanks for sharing hon and welcome back. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

      1. Glad to hear that Jo and no complaints this side hon. Chilly and getting sleepy. LOL! You must have a lovely day hon. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

    1. It was wonderful, Ad. I’m wandering through memories and trying to get a grip on my life now I’m home. Are you all packed up yet? I remember reading about your books going to charity shops and the like.

  2. Wow, you have been very proactive … since you came back home. What a wonderful wedding and I just adore her dress … very handsome couple and your DAD is the star here. Good for him doing the dancing … excellent. I have heard about Polish wedding and they go on for days, like on Ireland.
    And a big wedding too … loads of guests, what a fantastic event … and you where there.

    1. 130 guests and more than half of them were family! 🙂 Dad had a great time, and I know that this Sunday morning he’ll be sitting with my uncle Jakub playing dominoes. Jakub didn’t make it to the wedding- he has dodgy knees. Help- he’s only 5 years older than me!

      1. I love playing dominoes …. a man in my taste, your dad. I can’t believe that it’s nearly a year since mum left me, 4th of June.
        How sad about your uncle Jakub … but pains and health problems don’t have an age anymore, but they are increasing with age of course.

      2. I know .. at times it feels like she still in Simrishamn .. and even if I have friends there … Simrishamn isn’t the same anymore. I MISS HER!!!

      3. For years after mine died I would ‘see’ her in a maroon coloured jacket she used to wear. I was always on the verge of rushing up to speak when I realised it wasn’t her at all. Seeing what we want to see!
        Terrible to say, Vivi, but I hardly ever miss her now. It’s 24 years in September since she died so I guess it must be true what they say about time healing.

  3. Thanks for inviting us to the wedding! I’ve been longing to see your Polish adventures. I can’t believe you’re back already. I doubt I’ll experience a Polish wedding, but I have experienced Polish food and customs. Ever for your Monday walk.

    1. Hi Meg 🙂 Thank you for the photo. I have so much to do, I don’t know when I’ll get to a proper reply, and you’re counting down the days. I bet you’re beyond excited!
      It’s 3.30 in the morning as I’m writing this and I’m using my laptop to try to take my mind off throbbing pains in my knee. I’m so glad this didn’t happen in Poland. I have some lovely pics for the walk. I expect we’ll ‘speak’ again, but in case we don’t, I’ll be watching from afar. Have a truly fabulous time.

  4. “Not the best of photographs.” Jo, you must have left your mind in Krakow…these are incredible photos. You captured the joy of the occasion. That cake…wow!
    I can’t get past the second photo with the little girl in the pink headband…I’m dying to know what she must be thinking.
    We missed you!!!!

    1. She’s a cutie, isn’t she? It was a wonderful wedding and I’m really happy if I managed to convey some of that. I’m in acute pain from a knee injury right now but I’m hoping the walk will still make the deadline. Good job it didn’t happen in Poland. Many thanks Jill, for all your loyal support. 🙂

  5. I went to a wedding in Germany last weekend, and it was good to see some wedding traditions over there such as the smashing glasses for luck – I’d never heard of that one before.

    1. I’m really privileged, Mlissabeth- this was my 4th Polish wedding! I just noticed that in the WordPress links at the bottom of the post they’ve put my “Tale of 3 weddings” and I had to go back and read it, to remember all the good times 🙂

    1. Quite large sparklers, Kathe.(sorry- got your name confused first time) I’ve seen the cake wheeled in a few times now, and it always creates gasps and ‘oohs’ 🙂 Thank you!

    1. They’re off to a good start, Elaine, because Adam converted the basement of his house into an apartment for them. The fireworks on the cake seem to be a Polish tradition. I’ve seen it quite a few times now but it’s a definite crowd pleaser. 🙂

      1. I think that’s a Polish tradition that should be brought over here. The tradition of throwing money outside the church, is one that I remember from when I lived in Scotland. When we were children we used to stand outside the church after a wedding, and as the wedding car pulled away they would throw coins out of the window. We called it a ‘scramble’.

  6. Such a traditional wedding Jo so pleased you shared it with us. I love that about blogging how we get to share other peoples rituals and happy times. Now to look forward to you taking us for a Polish walk…

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