A place to relax

I 'heart' this view!

I ‘heart’ this view!

My habitual perch

My perch in the sun!

This week, Jake was wondering if I have a place to relax.  Well, for me that can only mean one thing.  My roof terrace in the Algarve.  I’m always in the mood for a swing.

There's simple Shell Beach

And if I get tired of swinging, there’s laid back Shell Beach
Nestle down by the anchors at Barril

Or I can laze by the anchors at Barril

Or chill at the beach bar

Or maybe chill in the shade of the beach bar.

Or you can fight for beach space on Armona

I could even fight for beach space on Armona!

Abandon your kite

I’d abandon the kite

But I do get better as we approach the lovely village of Santa Luzia

And take to the water

Then it's back to the terrace for sunset

Till it’s time for sunset on the terrace

Step forward a pace and you get a "free" umbrella

Evening’s are nice and easy on the river bank.
How restful is this?

Truly, what could be more relaxing than this?

I only have to look through the albums and it’s calling me back again.  But for now I’m sharing my memories with you and Jake.

Do you have a place you go to when you need to relax, even if it’s only in your mind?



  1. Lovely photos and commentary, Jo. You made me relax. 🙂 My own place of peace is in northern Michigan, USA.


      1. It’s in a hidden meadow near a river, where I spent all of my vacations as a child. I don’t visit there much these days, but it’s where I go in my mind when I need to relax. The mountains of Slovakia are becoming a close second, however.


    1. Ventis, thank you so much for the email! 🙂 It’s totally beautiful! I will reply properly later but first I have jobs to do and then my little bit of fresh air. Molto bene. Grazie mille, cara.


    1. They’re fun, aren’t they, Elisa? It only works with some shots because you loose too much, but I like them. Hope life’s treating you well? Keep that easy breathing going through the weekend 🙂


    1. The anchors are purely decoration, Jackie, but a very distinctive feature of Barril beach, which is beautiful anyway. I really must look up the history behind them one of these days- some kind of tribute to their fishing past, I believe. 🙂


    1. Glad you like my heart, David 🙂 If I could choose, it would be Croatia, but it’s still way too early in the year if you’re going for sunshine. Sicily maybe? 🙂


  2. I know where I’ll be going from now on to relax…right here 🙂 Love the hammock seat. I can feel that gorgeous Mediterranean sea breeze even now, wafting over me…ahhh….. thank you for the respite Jo 🙂


    1. Maybe you’ll make it back there this year? I’m itching to go but we have the Polish wedding on 1st May so it won’t be for a while yet. Maybe June if I can get a decent flight price. After that it gets a bit too hot sometimes. (hard to imagine right now!) 🙂


    1. Oh dear! That bad? 😦
      Ah well, it’s Friday and you’ll be in time for this week’s photo challenge (whatever it is!)
      Have a lovely relaxing weekend. I’ve just done the food shop and the ironing. T’ai chi next 🙂


    1. I really must find out the history of those anchors, Robin. I only know that they relate to the fishing history of the place.
      You’ve got a great morning for it! Bright and crisp here. Enjoy! 🙂


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