A rainy day in York

A rose on Lendal Bridge

A white rose of York on Lendal Bridge

It was a rainy day in York and the River Ouse was swamp brown and near to bursting its banks. Was I downhearted?  Not at all!  I was on my way to a cosy rendezvous with my daughter and her partner, in Betty’s famous tea shop.

I don’t drink tea and the smell of it has been known to make me wrinkle my nose in disgust, but I soon had a small pot of coffee wafting soothing vapours at me.

Cafe a la Betty's!

Coffee a la Betty’s!

Lisa and Leo had been spending a few days in York to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary and were homeward bound.  Just time for me to catch up with them for a breakfast brunch to send them on their way.  I know that some of you are interested in such things so here’s the evidence.

Complete with Swiss rosti!

Complete with Swiss rosti!

While Lisa was studying the menu I couldn’t help but point the camera in her direction.  “Oh, Mother!”  I can’t help exasperating my offspring.  Or of being very proud of them.

Contemplating food!

Contemplating food!

Remember that “selfie” challenge last week?  The above was almost an entry.  Only fair that Leo (who hates having his photo taken) should appear alongside his lovely wife.  I got the photo shoot out of the way before they settled down to eat.

The happy couple

The happy couple

A close up of the wedding and engagement rings, made by her friend Kay

A close up of the wedding and engagement rings, made by their friend Kay

Refined, resplendent and reserved- that's us!

Refined, resplendent and reserved- that’s us!

We sat and talked about what they’d seen and done for a couple of hours.  Fairfax House got full marks.  The Quilt Museum was pronounced a little expensive unless you were a real enthusiast, but Lisa enjoyed it.  Places they’d eaten and highly recommended included the Hairy Fig and La Vecchia Scuola, whilst the House of the Trembling Madness sounded right up their street!  By this time they agreed that they had just enough space to share one of Betty’s delectable cakes.

This was Lisa's choice

This was Lisa’s choice and it looked delicious!

All too soon it was time to walk them back to their hotel, Elmbank Mount.  Undergoing renovation, it still retains much of its original splendour, and Lisa was very happy that they’d been allocated a four poster bed.  One last smile and a hug and they were on their way.  I wandered disconsolately through the damp York streets, taking a photo or two.

Not a day for sitting by the riverside!

Not a day for sitting by the riverside!

The riverboats huddled together for comfort

The riverboats were going nowhere

Huddled together for comfort and warmth

Huddled together for comfort and warmth

A dank day but the lions remained cheerful

A dank day for the lions, too

I made my way back to the railway station with time to spare.  Feeling distinctly damp, I ventured into “The York Tap”, adjoining the station, and was delighted to find a warm fire.  I stripped off my soggy gloves and settled in for half hour to enjoy my surrounds.

Nothing like a coal fire to dispel the blues!

Nothing like a coal fire to dispel the blues!

And the ceilings provided another colourful touch

And the ceilings provided a wonderful burst of colour.

My gloomy spirits lifting, I stepped out onto the platform to discover that the sun had finally made an appearance.  It was time to head for home.


  1. Great photos of gloomy York, Jo. You really captured the greyness outside and the cosiness and warmth inside. That’s my kind of breakfast, and the berry cake is such a nice touch. 🙂 Love the nail do; almost as fancy as my Belizian lady. Happy anniversary to your two lovebirds.

    1. Thanks, Elisa. I’ve been practising a little escapism in my Algarve photos so it’s a shock to the system to come back to rainy York. I managed though 🙂 And it was wonderful to see them so happy.

  2. Gosh! Has it been a year already!? I visited York once, in my “England” days. I was poor and stayed in a hostel and ate packaged sausage rolls. I absolutely loved it: I vividly remember the city walls, the cathedral (still my favorite, with the possible exception of La Sagrada Familia), and the…was it a Viking museum? I think so. It was many years ago, but it was beautiful. And rainy then, too.

  3. I do love York – it’s in the running for my first wedding anniversary trip too as we’ll be in our way back home from Northumberland so it’s en route, and I don’t need much of an excuse for a visit!

  4. I love York, such a lovely city, I spent part of my honeymoon there many years ago. We also spent a long weekend there a few years back with the kids and walked the full length of the wall doing something called geocaching just to make it a bit more interesting for the kids. Great selfie, I did notice! And I love your daughters rings so unique. Lx

    1. Ahh, geocaching! A blogging friend is quite into that too, so I know a bit about it. 🙂
      York really is one of those cities where you can always find something to do, irrespective of the weather. Many thanks for your nice comments.

    1. Dare not complain about the weather after what’s been happening worldwide, Meg. We’ve been so lucky here in the north east. I just knew you’d enjoy a cake or two 🙂

  5. yummmmmmm – loved the food shots- and the white rose of York is beautiful! Also loved the rings and pretty nails – but wow – you don;t like tea??? really…
    and loved how you noted, “small pot of coffee wafting soothing vapours at me…”

  6. I would go to Betty’s for that dessert alone! Lisa looks as gorgeous as ever Jo. And I adore those nails 🙂 Again, a very happy anniversary to them both.

  7. I can’t believe a year has gone since you posted those photos of Lisa wedding dress.
    Happy Aniversary to them both 🙂
    I love York, I just never tire of visits, and there have been literally hundreds in my life.
    Aren’t the bridges beautiful with the ornate ironwork, and York station too, so much history.
    I hope the Ouse doesn’t rise anymore, York has suffered badly with floods over the years, very much like Worcester and the river Severn.
    Like RS’s I’ve never been into Betty’s, neither there or in Harrogate, but I imagine Lisa and Leo really felt at home with their love of Steam Punk. 🙂

    1. Quite funny, Vicky- the mention of York almost always summons you and Rough, like the genie with the lamp 🙂 I wasn’t expecting you this morning, though. Are you getting things sorted at home?
      Yes, the year has flown, and it was wonderful to see them looking so happy.

      1. Ha ha 😀 You can’t dangle the name York in front of Yorkshire folk without our homing devices kicking in.
        I’m back in Worcestershire at the moment, but I’ll be making many more visits to Yorkshire over the next few months, there’s so much to sort out 😦
        I’m in no rush though as once the house is sold my ties to Yorkshire will be gone 😦

      2. I was at Great Ayton with my walking friends this morning. Awfully misty. I’m convinced one of these days I’ll go walking through Grosmont and there you’ll be 🙂

  8. Congratulations to the sweet couple on their fist wedding anniversary. Time flies. A wonderful day to spend time indoors. The food looks delicious and the coffee, so inviting. Have a blessed week ahead.

  9. What beautiful moments you had with your daughter Jo and such great memories you’ve captured hon. Thanks for the lovely trip once again hon. I love her rings and nails! Gorgeous! 😀

    1. The time was very short, Sonel, but the moments are always precious. I almost posted this as “treasure” because she is, but I much prefer to do my own thing when I can. Thanks again for your lovely comments 🙂 Hugs!

      1. Such a pity that time is always so short Jo but you certainly made the best of it hon. I can see she is your treasure hon. She is so beautiful. 😀

  10. What a lovely trip to see your daughter, Jo. Although I’ve visited York in the past, I’ve only visited Betty’s Tea Room in Harrogate. Quite the experience 🙂

    Lovely post and photos 🙂

    1. Thanks, Marianne! Lisa suggested Betty’s because it’s very central and she hoped I could find it. For an intrepid traveller, I have a terrible sense of direction. As you can see, I made it 🙂

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