From a bridge, to a barrage.

A completely different bridge

The bridge at the Whitewater Rafting Centre

If you saw my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week, you might just have wondered what you would find if you crossed over that bridge. Come with me, and I’ll satisfy your curiosity.

You may remember that we started with this remarkable bridge

You may remember , I started with this remarkable bridge

The Infinity Bridge was constructed across the River Tees, at a cost of £15 million, and opened on 14th May 2009.  It was part of a massive regeneration project linking the river banks and providing a very pleasant environment for walking and cycling.  Full details are in the enclosed Wikipedia link, but a rather special feature is the sensory lighting system, which illuminates the bridge at night.  I have yet to play with this!

Footpaths stretch along both banks, leading in one direction to the town of Stockton.  The opposite direction leads to the Tees Barrage and eventually out to sea.  It can be quite an interesting bit of shoreline.  The Tees Barrage is used to control the flow of the river and to prevent flooding.  The waters beyond the barrage are permanently held at the level of an average high tide.   The Barrage, which opened on 22nd April, 1995, has a design life of 120 years!  It also incorporates a white water course,  a real crowd pleaser if an event coincides with a sunny day.

And looking back from the Barrage, what can you see?

The Infiniity Bridge, of course

The Infinity Bridge, on the skyline, of course

Just look at that blue sky!

And just look at that blue sky!

Today all is calm on the White Water course

Today all is calm on the White Water course
Not a ripple disturbs the water.

Barely a ripple disturbs the water

But sometimes the Fire Brigade provide a little sport

But sometimes the Fire Brigade provide a little sport!

If nothing is happening on the white water, you can often find entertainment from the antics of the seals in the River Tees.  They seem as interested in the Barrage as are humans.  There is also a small nature trail, for a close up on the wildlife.  It can be a breezy spot though, so don’t forget to wear your warm jacket.  I did!


  1. Never knew there was a barrage other than well, barrage! Can’t decide which I like better the bridge or the barrage….they are both stunning 🙂

  2. The bridges around your part of the world have really interesting stories. Not many bridges where I am although there’s a new one in Shoreham where I used to live that needs investigation and you’ve just inspired me to take a look… 🙂

  3. Jo, you truly live in a beautiful area – never been around Newcastle – been around Leeds quite a lot and gone through the dales. Really annoying that to fly from CPH to Newcastle will cost the same as flying to NYC. I would love to see more of this area. That wooden bridge is so beautiful.
    Don’t you think the fire brigade was practicing? I can image that is was cold for you without proper clothing. Warm Wivi hug.

    1. Vivi, the beaches and the Yorkshire Moors (which you can see in the distance on a couple of shots) are the best things around here. Middlesbrough and the River Tees are highly industrialised and as you drive down the Tees road it’s all chimneys and smoke! You just have to look past the ugly bits. I guess I’m used to doing that. 🙂
      Leed Bradford airport is only 1 hour 15mins by car from us. We mostly use it for the Algarve because Ryanair fly from there. Just remembered- when are you going to see Michael Buble? Or have you been?
      The ladies are queuing up to watch the fire brigade manouevres 🙂 Steamy hug!

      1. Fabulous! 🙂 A random question, Vivi- have you been to St. Petersburg on your travels? It’s one of those places I would love to go. Buble hug (yes, please 🙂 )

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