Six word Saturday


Fancy a little Steampunk for Christmas?

Teaparty bookcoverYou may remember, earlier this year, I was privileged to attend a book launch for Steampunk Apothecary?  It was a wonderfully fun occasion for dressing up and eating lots of cake.

The authoress, Jema Hewitt, is a hugely creative and multi-talented lady, who works extremely hard at making a living, and always with a smile.  Today she is at Waterstones in Bradford, signing her books and demonstrating jewellery making.  I wish I could be there, but this post will have to be my contribution.

Maybe you have a daughter or niece who would like something from her Etsy store?  I know there are a few pieces I wouldn’t mind.  And you can buy the book on there too.  The recipes are unique.

Mr. Woppit is adorable! Do you remember him?

Mr. Woppit is adorable! Do you remember him?

Some of the sparkly things Jema collects

Some of the sparkly things Jema collects for her jewellery

The red-haired lady is my daughter!

A page from “Steampunk Teaparty”.  The red-haired lady is my daughter!

Another Jema creation.

Another beautiful Jema creation.

If you ask for the book at your local Waterstones, even if you don’t buy it, the store will register your interest.  Every little helps!  I can claim no credit for the photos. They are all from Jema’s Facebook page.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.  Many thanks to Cate for hosting Six word Saturday.  As usual, click on the links for more details.



      1. It is how we roll! 🙂 Steampunk I swear is the only form of jewelry I have yet to delve into. Maybe as my barn is cleaned ya right lol I can find some of his goodies to whip up something 🙂

    1. Nice to feature something a bit different, Terri (and unique 🙂 ) Looking forward to my Christmas meetup with my daughter tomorrow, at Chatsworth House in the Peak District. Don’t know if you know it? They’re having a “Narnia” theme 🙂

    1. She was “matron of honour” and they’ve been friends through a lot of hard times, Vivi. Good morning to you. We have pink and beautiful skies here. Did the storm ride out?
      Tomorrow I’m meeting Lisa at Chatsworth- a wonderful old historical house, themed with “Narnia” for Christmas. Just a few Christmas hours together. 🙂

    1. I thought you might like her work, Ventis. Jema is a very stylish lady, and a very good friend to my daughter. Together they are like magpies! Anything that sparkles 🙂

    1. I probably wouldn’t know about it at all if it wasn’t for my daughter’s involvement, Mr. B, but it’s wonderful fun, and innocent pleasure. Thank you- I hope your family have a beautiful Christmas season, in spite of the troubles in the Philippines. 🙂

    1. You’ve reminded me that I didn’t credit those shots, Lynn! I’m usually meticulous about it but I was in a hurry to post. They are taken from Jema’s Facebook page- sorry! 😦

    1. Have a look at the Etsy store, Deb. Some of it’s very reasonably priced. Jema and my daughter Lisa both love cake (it seems to be a prerequisite of liking Steampunk) so there’s always lots when they’re around. 🙂 And sparkly things too, of course!

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