Q is for Quinta


“Quinta” is the Portuguese word for a country home or farmhouse.

It’s something I’ve long aspired to, though I’m more likely to end up in a beach hut!  This place on Armona would be fine, with bougainvilea tumbling over the walls, and a pot or two of welcoming hibiscus on the doorstep.

I might go for this tropical look

Isn’t it wonderfully tropical?  Imagine those palms rustling in the breeze.

There’d be a lemon tree and a fig tree.  Maybe a lime too, but no oranges.  I’ve never liked oranges, though the blossom is very pretty.  I have no idea how long it takes to produce a decent vintage of grape, but the notion of a few vines and their dangling temptation is very appealing.

A little grape trampling anyone?

A little grape trampling anyone?

A Portuguese house isn’t a home without an azulejo panel.  Maybe even two!

There's those tempting grapes again!

There’s those tempting grapes again!

And a barco rabelo!  What more would I need?

And a barco rabelo! What more would I need?

And this view of the Douro might come at more than I can afford.

This view of the Douro might come at more than I can afford.

Especially with the swimming pool!

Especially with the swimming pool!

The Vintage Hotel, Pinhao

And I could live with wooden ceilings and floors! (The Vintage Hotel, Pinhao)

But I’m getting a little carried away now.  It easily happens, doesn’t it?  You know I’d never want to be too far from my salt marshes.

When I first visited Portugal I read my “Rough Guide” from cover to cover.  One of the Algarve recommends was Quinta de Marim – a nature reserve with a tidal mill.  It wasn’t far away, just 2kms east of Olhao, but finding it was a different proposition.  I seem to have the ability to blatantly disregard directions in a guide book, while still being convinced that I am on the right track!

Eventually we got there, and I loved what I found.  Nothing very fancy.  A few nature trails.  Wild flowers thriving quite happily in the salt air.  The gentle lap of the water flowing through the tidal mill, itself just an old quinta.  I need to go back, and soon.

The salt marshes at Fuzeta

Salt marshes at Fuzeta

The tidal mill at Quinta de Marim

The tidal mill at Quinta de Marim

This post hasn’t gone quite the way I thought it would, but this is my Personal A-Z Challenge, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far.  My customary thanks go to Julie Dawn Fox for conceiving the challenge, and to Frizz who daily inspires and entertains me.  This week his A-Z has reached QQQ.  Follow the links and logos for a little inspiration yourself.



  1. Jo, I understand why you love Portugal so much – it’s just so stunningly beautiful. At least on your photos. *smile – not at all as Lisbon was – not even the old town. I have told you that before. What a magical place. That photo with the grapevines – I want to be there. NOW!!!


    1. The photo with the grapevines is a local bar 🙂 I always feel like pinching a few grapes (but I’m good 🙂 ) The countryside and the villages are beautiful, Vivi. I quite liked Lisbon- till I had my purse stolen and spent all day with the police. Will try to make sure that doesn’t happen in Barcelona! Cities! 😦


      1. Jo, Barcelona is very bad … for pocket thieves – they have tried twice with me – I was so lucky both times.
        So wear the handbag in the front of you .. and your husband can’t have any money in his pockets – no wallet.
        Barcelona is one of the worst places in that respect in Spain. So be careful. *smile – when do you go ????


      2. When I was in France … we walked by a beautiful winery – in the village and the grapes was so big and inviting – so I took some and during the night I nearly died … the pain I was in and I was seasick as dog .. of course there was chemicals on them to protect from bugs and stupid tourists like me. Haven taken a grape since then.


      3. My daughter arrives on Friday with Leo, then I fly out at 9.30, Sunday morning, so I’ve warned them “no cooked breakfast” that day. There’s a Goth Festival in Whitby at the weekend and they want to call there before going back to Nottingham. (I’d like to go too, but Barcelona wins 🙂 )
        Thanks for the warnings. Beware pick pockets and grapes (smiling)


  2. Hi there Jo,
    I’ve nominated you for a WordPress Family Award. I’ll be posting my own award blog with your nomination early this evening. I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and let you know you ARE like WordPress family to me. I just love your posts. As always I know it can take considerable time and effort to keep our blogs going. Thanks for putting in the time so we can all enjoy it.
    KidazzleInk – Michelle Davies-Stuhmcke – Kidazzleink.com
    You can find more information about the WordPress Family Awards Here on Shaun’s WordPress Site at this address: Shaun @ http://prayingforoneday.wordpress.com/


    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thank you so much for a lovely thought. I probably won’t do a full acceptance post as I already have this award. The logo is in my sidebar but it’s easy to miss. I will include you in my Awards page though, and I’m delighted that you are a member of our wonderful family. 🙂


      1. Thanks so much Jo. Sorry I didn’t realise that you already had one of these. You certainly deserve them though. I just love your photos, your information about Portugal and all of your wonderful comments. Days are somehow better with WordPress family like you around. Maybe you could add a “X by 2” caption under the Family Award you’ve already received!


    1. Ventis, you are so kind and thoughtful. I will have to use this in a future post. I recognise many of the buildings, from Faro, Olhao and Silves, and Amalia Rodrigues has a fine voice. Many thanks to you. Have a lovely weekend 🙂
      Grazie mille, cara. Hugs!


  3. I really wish you can find some nice quinta some day with a lemon tree and a fig tree 🙂 No need for oragnes as long as you eat pink grapefruit ;). I love when you analyse language in your post 😀


    1. I think we might hire a charabang (is that spelt right? lovely old word 🙂 ) once I find it, Lorna. (and we might need a whipround- though I can probably manage the beach hut).


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