Thursday : Lingering look at Windows- week 39

A blurred view of the Tyne bridge!

A blurred view of the Tyne Bridge, through the bus window!

Not a promising start, as we drove across the Tyne Bridge into Newcastle-on-Tyne.  Only minutes before, the sky was bright blue.  I was meeting my lovely friend, Pam, for coffee so I didn’t really mind.   As usual, we had a good catch up, then strolled through the shopping centre.  Looking up, I observed that blue had been restored.

"Windows" in the ceiling reveal the blue beyond

Ceiling windows reveal the blue sky beyond

Pam was wonderfully tolerant of me happy-snapping random things. (I won’t tell you what she said about the glass in the ceiling!)  This phone store window display caught my eye.

iPhones?  Yes, please!

iPhones? Yes, please!

Glad to know the Berlin temperature is no better than here!

Seems that the Berlin temperature is no better than here!

When it was time to go our separate ways, I planned to do a little shopping.  It was cold outside, but so clear and bright I couldn’t resist having a little more fun with the camera.  Newcastle is a beautiful city.

See what I mean?

See what I mean? Check out the gallery below.

Thought you'd like to see the splendid Angel of the North on the side of the bus

I really like the splendid Angel of the North on the side of the bus!

But my favourite view is still the reflected one.

But my favourite view is still the reflected one.

Thank you for accompanying me on my lingering look at windows this week.  Hope all’s well with you?  Please visit Dawn at Lingering Visions to see the other entries and maybe show us a few windows of your own.  It can be fun!


  1. This is the post I was referring to; where your last excellent photograph of your “favourite view” is the reflected image of my “favourite building”, the Emerson Chambers building. A beautiful eccentric building, it looks like the designer just went all out to make it his pièce de résistance. But as if the fact that it is beautiful was not enough it also looks out onto the Theatre Royal and the top of Grey Street (voted the most beautiful street in Britain) and on top of all that, it is a book shop. I like your view as a reflection, I especially like the pic where you can also see Grey’s Monument as well as the reflected Emerson Chambers building.
    One of the captions for one of your pictures reminds me of a teacher I used to have, who every now and then would tell us that, instead of looking in the shop windows as we walked down Northumberland Street or Grey Street we should stop and force ourselves to look up because that’s where the beauty remained untouched by modern day life. We all thought he was crazy and then when I got older I knew he was right.
    Thanks once again for your perspective of ‘Home’

      1. I’m a bit slow this week with the windows. It is so hot at the moment I have not ventured out much, I am spending a lot of time on the back deck under a fan and on the hammock checking out other blogs How’s that for a lazy life style

  2. Fantastic galley .. I don’t think I ever been to Newcastle. My favorite is the blue through whole, that is one fantastic photo. Love that you have started to play around with angles in your shots a lot more – and not only straight on. And the rain photo is great too …
    Thank for bringing me to Newcastle – I understand I have lost out on some great.

      1. Oh absolutely…if you can find a suitcase big enough so someone can smuggle me in with..hahahahah
        Have a great weekend too hon. 😀 *big hugs* xxx

      1. Been there a couple of times, I think, latest 5 years ago – agree with you a great city and the surroundings too – visited Murlough the National Nature Reserve area and too… 🙂

        Remenber all the wonderful bridges across Tyne, Castle Keep the old beautiful castle with the wonderful view and the sculpture “Angel” (isn’t it right.?) too… 🙂

        – and not forget the Tyne Bar… 🙂 🙂

  3. It’s almost a bit redundant to say how much I love the reflected shot…who doesn’t love it? But these are such nice photos. Nice to meet friends for coffee! I love days like you just described. 🙂

    1. Yes, you go home feeling loved, Debbie, after spending time with an old friend and just being yourself. (so sorry, I called you Laurie in my last comment! I edited it as soon as I realised but you’d probably already read it by then) 🙂

    1. And the green bus with the Angel of the North! (entirely for your benefit- I nearly put a “here it is, Gem” caption on it 🙂 ). Think I might have to dedicate a post to the sculpture.

  4. I like the rainy window image and the bus angel shot. It rained here in sunny southern California a good part of the day yesterday… both my cats rushed outside to see what that wet stuff was…… today the sun is back.

    1. The angel represents an iconic bronze sculpture that sits alongside the motorway on the road north from here to Newcastle. Some day I’ll have to do a post on it 🙂
      Thanks, Roslyn.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I think it’s all about looking up. I’m no shopper and would much rather look at the buildings. Amazing what you find! (my Winter wardrobe might have appreciated some shopping time but everyone has jumpers, don’t they?)

  5. Really lovely Jo, and I had to do a double take 7 pictures from the end and onwards to the second last… could be Princes Street in Edinburgh. They must have used the same architects! Wonderful, and I never noticed this on my trips to Newcastle….although I was younger, and my attention was on shop contents then rather than buildings!

    1. I think that many of our cities have that same echo, Seonaid. Newcastle is the most vibrant city with so many layers to it. Far too many years since I was in Edinburgh. The abiding memory is of being cold! I really must come up that way again, even if only to Christmas shop (I hate shopping! well- a little, in extreme moderation, is ok 🙂 )

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