Thursday : Lingering look at Windows- week 37

Window panel on a cottage door in Whitby

Window panel on a cottage door in Whitby, North Yorkshire

Don’t you think this is lovely?  I’ve been visiting Whitby for many years and I always walk down the main pier for the lovely views back at the town and out across the bay.  Picture postcard pretty though it undoubtedly is, the weather can sometimes be bleak on that North Yorkshire coast.  This little window panel seemed to me to speak volumes of the nature of the place.

Out on the pier itself, in glorious weather, there are more windows to see.

The bluest of skies accentuate the lighthouse.

The bluest of skies accentuate the lighthouse.

From top- to bottom!

From top- to bottom!

The beach is overlooked by a row of holiday cottages.  I’d already walked the clifftop and the pier, so time for a sit down and a bite to eat.  But the cobbled Whitby streets are always full of pirate treasures.

Justin's Chocolatier has a sumptuous window

Justin’s Chocolatier has a sumptuous window

The window in close-up

The window in close-up

And “ye olde tea shoppes”!

Yes, please!

Yes, please!

In the end we found an old favourite.

With it's cosy inside, looking out to the courtyard

With it’s cosy inside, looking out to the courtyard

It was just the ending needed to our day.

It was just the ending needed to our day.

Don't you think?

Don’t you think?  But I’m a coffee person, really!

I have to admit to having a naughty glass of wine, but then, the setting was so nice.  If you’re in Whitby, look out for Sanders Yard.

Meantime it’s thanks to Dawn at Lingering Visions for encouraging me to look through windows.  If you have some you’d like to share, follow the link and meet me there.


  1. How many of naughty glasses of wine am I allowed to have? I am asking since I’ve just emptied 3 of chardonnay :S. It is a must after the first day at work ;). Jo, you did a nice job with the lighthouse tower :D. Way to go, girl!!!

      1. I am planning to work from home two days next week 🙂 that is the thought that is keeping my head above water now :D. I will have to endure this week. Two of my office mates are really bugging me – one smells so bad and the other one (woman) hardly says hello.. but I will be ok singing 😀

  2. I am a coffee person too, but I love the tea poster. And those top photos are most definitely picture postcard perfect. And I simply adore the quaintness of North Yorkshire, Jo. Lovely.

    1. It’s a bit like stepping back in time in those cobbled streets, Tahira. This weekend the “Mods” and rock and rollers from the 60s takeover and then there’s a Goth Festival in November, so it’s anything but dull 🙂

  3. Looks like you chose the perfect place to end up, what a delightful looking place. I love the first picture of the panel in the door, what a charming thing. I must get myself to Whitby one of these days, it looks lovely.

    1. That’s a good question! I’ve never seen it open and it’s fairly narrow so I doubt it, though it might be possible to organise something with the TI. In any case, Whitby’s not short of good viewing spots 🙂

    1. Bless you, Sartenada! That photo has captured a few eyes. It’s kind of wistful, but warm. Funny how some things translate better in a photograph than words. Many thanks for your visit and kind words. 🙂

  4. That is indeed the most beautiful window panel I’ve ever seen Jo and you’ve captured it so well! Love the lighthouse and those little shops are just to die for! I would certainly enjoy myself there as well. The tea sign is adorable and I would drink tea now and then, especially Chamomile but coffee is my favourite. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments hon. 😀 *big hugs*

    1. It’s a whimsical world in Whitby, Sonel (this weekend it’s taken over by rock and rollers from the 60s and 70s!) Time to escape to the cliff tops 🙂 Big hugs to you too, hon.

    1. It is very much a place of spells, IT, but this weekend it’s hit by rock and rollers from the 60s and 70s. Now that will be scarey! (and fun 🙂 ) Hope your weekend is wonderful too. I know you’ll try to make it that way for you and your family.

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