Six word Saturday


Visiting daughter in Nottingham- back Monday.

A ship's figurehead

Lisa as a ship’s figurehead

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  1. I love seeing your daughter’s creations although somehow I sort of imagined her living in something other than a house. A very elaborately decorated gypsy caravan, perhaps, or a tall ship.

  2. Let me paraphrase the old saying : “Like mother like daughter ” or put it in another way : Tiger mother begets tiger daughter . Splendid presentation,Jo !
    Hope you have a brilliant time with Christine

  3. “Visiting daughter in Nottingham- back Monday”
    dear Johanna,
    I once heard an old madame praying to God in a church in France:
    “Visiting daughter in Marseille – back Monday”

      1. Jo, no worst … thanks for asking – so sore .. can’t wait for 27th to come.. so I will find out what it’s.
        I love that top photo with her headpiece on the ship. Excellent done, she are beautiful too. You enjoy yourself now and I’m sure there will be posts to follow.

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