It’s show time!

Ingenious! The eyes flash as you approach it.

Ingenious! The eyes flash as you approach it.

It must be Summer because it’s annual scarecrow festival time again in two of our local villages.  Last year Elwick truly excelled themselves with a Royal Jubilee theme.  Can a year have passed so quickly?  This year we’re indulging Midsummer Madness.

I timed it very nicely on Sunday morning because within seconds of returning home it was bouncing with rain.  Summer, Wimbledon fortnight (sorry Rafa), rain on your strawberries- it’s all one!

And that’s just half the story, because the two villages compete.  In the interests of fairness I went to Castle Eden on Monday.  It was a grey, surly day and some of the scarecrows had had a good soaking from the downpour.  But the village spirit was still in evidence.

A good effort by both, I think you’ll agree?  Next year we’ll plan the weather better.  If you click on the galleries you’ll get my guided commentary.  All part of the service! (with a smile)  And if you still haven’t had enough of scarecrows, you can click the Royal Jubilee link for a look back at last year’s sumptuousness.



    We do this in the fall out on our front steps as Halloween approaches we decorate entrance ways with beautiful Mums and Scarecrows and some town have contests 🙂

    Maybe I will see if Garden Club wants to run one for best Scarecrow In The Front Yard and pass out CASH 🙂 I will be the club photographer 🙂 and share with you 🙂


      1. Here as well we are under the gun here in New England for Flash Floods and the poor mid section of our country burns up in the heat with no rain in sight 😦

        It takes a long time for us to plan something as we only meet once a month so your timing is PERFECT!


  2. Love the pink pig, and the beach babies, particularly the snowmen are hilarious! But my prize goes to the but crack showing mechanic 😆


    1. Elwick is a beautiful village to walk around, Lucy, but we tend to drive straight through it on the way to the A19. The scarecrows are a great excuse for a wander, and everyone’s so friendly. 🙂


  3. What a fun tradition, Jo, and so much effort has gone into these scarecrows. I love the last one. Optimistic with the bikini, but pessimistic with the umbrella. 🙂


  4. A scarecrow festival! What a wonderful idea, and obviously, it’s an easy way to tap everyone’s creativity, and use available materials. Great photos and fun post Jo. ~James


    1. I love them, Paula. They always make me smile. 🙂
      When you’ve a spare minute, come look through my windows for last week? (23) You might enjoy my industrial heritage.


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