Water under the bridge

Or stunningly,as part of a "waterfall" light installation

I seem to have done quite a few posts on bridges.  But Jake is back, so how can I say no?   Jake’s Sunday Post is always a cause for celebration.  I might even have to open another of those bottles of wine!

I love the violet hues of this photo.  It was taken in Durham in 2011, during a biennial event called Lumiere.  The light installations over and beside the River Wear were like nothing I have seen before.  If you’re fortunate enough to be near Durham this November, I can promise you a beautiful evening of colour and sound when Lumiere comes to town.

Water flowing under a bridge will always hold me captive, drifting in the current.  Where would it take me, if I let it?  A lifetime has slipped past while I wonder.  All just water under the bridge.

And it wouldn't be complete without my favourite bridge, and we're back with the subtle colour.

You probably recognise this bridge, but I can share a view of it you won’t have seen before.  It hangs on the wall in my favourite cafe, Anazu, on the riverfront in Tavira.  It’s in 3-D, though you really can’t tell from my photo.

IMG_6221Not that I’m often inside the cafe.  The pavement outside has the view that I love.  I have watched so much water pass under the bridge, but some will have seen very much more.  I found this black and white photo in the Galeria Palace museum in the town.  Times may have changed but the water flows on.

Ponte Romana B & WThe evening light fades and the moon rises in the sky on a warm Summer’s night.  I stand beside my bridge and look out to sea.  I’m filled with hope that I might return.  Well, who wouldn’t be?

IMG_6522It only needs me to remind you that Jake’s place is a good place to be, on a Sunday or any other day.  Please click on the logo below or any link to pay him a visit.



    1. Won’t be long before I’m back with my bridge, Gem. And Catbird from Oman is coming to share it with me for a day or 2 on her way back to the States. I’m all excited. (and nervous!) 🙂

  1. I love the picture inside the cafe, I imagine you might not mind giving that house room? The last pinky one is gorgeous, those warm summer evenings are one of the joys of being abroad in warm countries.

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