A tale or two : Andros

A windy balcony at Batsi

A windy balcony at Batsi

Despite its traumatic ending in Athens, that first visit to the Cyclades was the start of a full blown love affair with the islands of Greece. The following Spring found me on Andros, in an apartment with a breezy balcony, in Batsi.

I recall a strong sheet of perspex which, while it distorted the view up the hill, provided wonderful shelter from the constant breeze.  The previous Spring there’d been barely a whisper of wind, but here on Andros, the most northerly of the Cyclades, I encountered the famous Meltemi.  Yet, basking in sunshine on the veranda, I could look down on the harbour.

Pretty Batsi harbour

Pretty Batsi harbour

It was on Andros that I had my first introduction to guided walking.  Normally I’m more than happy to just follow my nose.  I usually arrive home again- eventually!  But a couple of hours of countryside in the company of a local sounded an agreeable way to spend a morning.  A very affable expat, he turned out to be, who’d lived many years on the island and had ‘a tale or two’ to tell himself.  And it took the pressure off Mick for a while- he’s gifted with a far better sense of direction than me and inevitably has to take the map from my hands and steer us back.  Map?  What map?  I don’t believe I even had one on Andros.

Up we wound through the back streets.  Don’t you love back streets?

As the sun rose higher, hats were pulled on and sunscreen topped up.  The landscape was majestic and it was with just a hint of regret that I returned to the harbour at Batsi.  But it’s a great place to sit in the shade and chat.

The harbour front at Batsi

The harbour front at Batsi

Batsi harbour 3

Some memories are clearer than others.  I remember arriving by ferry at unpreposessing Gavrio, and then a bumpy ride to Batsi, late in the day.  I loved the little harbour there, and sometimes dressing up (a frock!) for cocktail hour, after a day’s wandering.  The sun seemed always to shine, but there was one blustery day when the wind really whipped those waves.

Andros was a great base for visiting the islands of Tinos and Syros, and that’s where I’ll be taking you next.  But not before sharing my all time favourite Greek Island photograph, taken right here on Andros.

What do you think?

What do you think?


    1. Thanks, Paula. Life must be so much better working from home. Are you tempted to wander to the biscuit tin and nibble, or are you wonderfully self disciplined?
      I find it very hard to stay indoors if the weather’s nice, so I’d end up working all night to catch up!

    1. Well, there should be no shortage where you’re heading, David! Counting down? I should just squeeze in another Greek post (or two) before you go. Thanks a lot. I’m enjoying the series.

  1. Yes! I love back streets, well at least during the day lol. Thanks for taking us along on your time travel exploits! It’s always a pleasure to read your blog.

  2. Wow, sorry .. for not being around .. had friends coming and messing up my life with great laughter and fun company, back now. This is Greek for me too. I want to go back now .. that Bougainvillea is so beautiful and it stands out against all the white … they have on the French Rivera too. That little church on the rock .. must have been built in the honor of the fishermen.
    Love this post. Beautiful …

  3. I would have loved to be there. You are blessed indeed that you could travel like that and enjoy places so beautiful Jo. That is something I would love to do. Just travel and take photo’s from all over. 🙂 Thanks for another lovely and interesting post hon. 🙂 *hugs*

      1. You are very welcome hon and I am glad you do. 🙂 Oh, I can certainly relate to that as well sweetie. It’s days we can look back on and smile because they were so special and precious. I am so glad you are sharing it. I love to read all about it. 🙂 Here’s another hug..hehehe
        *big hugs*

    1. I can’t believe that I’ve been to one you’ve missed, Andrew!
      When I look at photos, even on Wikipedia, it all looks to have moved on so much. Antiparos looked positively jetset on there, whereas it was empty when we visited. Perhaps golden memories are better?

      1. It is lovely to compare old pictures with new ones. In my posts from Kos last year I was able to make direct comparisons and I was shocked to see the difference in thirty years.

    1. Well, it’s not bad. This holiday was 25 years ago, and a wonderful memory. Today I was walking the clifftops just north of my home in England (in sunshine and 3 coats!)

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