Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post : Entrance


I would love to be able to make an Entrance, but I’m more the kind of person who’s prone to falling up the step and making a fool of herself.  I do know someone who can make a superb entrance though.

Lisa and Leo make the perfect entrance to married life

Lisa and Leo make the perfect entrance to married life

And she’s well equipped to make a neat exit too!

As ever, her hand sewing is exquisite.

As ever, her hand sewing is exquisite.

When I first saw the big-eyed girl, looking around the door on Jake’s post this week, I thought of the other meaning of “entrance”- to fill with intense delight”.  Lisa is well capable of this, too.

But neither of these photos are mine, so not really eligible for Jake’s challenge.  My kind of entrance goes more like this:

As usual, click any photo to start the gallery rolling.

I’m very late with this post, and Jake will already be working on entrancing us with next week’s theme, so I’d better hit that Publish button.  No accidents this time!

Come and meet Jake via the links or the lucky snake logo.  His graphics are amazing and all visitors are made truly welcome.


  1. That wedding was so special … great event and fantastic surroundings. That blue door with the gold – amazing photo – you’re so good with your camera, great team you two.

    1. I loved that door, Viveka, but what was inside was beyond beautiful! If you’re ever near Wroclaw you shoud visit. Thanks, hon. Need lots of practise. 🙂

  2. I love you little potpourri of entrances. The combinations makes for a delightful atmosphere. The wedding couple of course is quite a different story, and it must have been quite a wedding!

    1. Running to keep up, Gem! I really wanted to do the Day in your Life challenge, and I’ve got Greek Islands dancing through my head, and now the sun is shining! What to do????

  3. What a grand entrance that must have been! Hadn’t realised Lisa’s exquisite gown was hand sewn by her!!! That is truly impressive Jo!

  4. Your daughter makes her entrance like a queen :), but I have never pictured you as someone who makes a fool of themselves…. you are a princess my dear Jo… and I am honest as always.

    1. Maybe not quite a fool, Paula, but I do have a few bruises to show for my “escapades”. Bless you, hon, but I can be pretty clumsy.
      You refreshed and ready to go forward after your Easter break?

      1. My Easter break (read free Monday) ended as a disaster with me cleaning the oven for three hours and hubby got sick with some food poisoning (not my cooking) or stomach bug.. Anyways, long story short: my director one of the many in a huge corporation advised me today I was moving offices so I had to pack and unpack to go to another (smaller) office and asked me to work from home till April 15 – being a translator it is more than feasible and I have been enjoying the privillege for the past few days two days a month – only this time he decided the dates. I am glad I will be seeing fewer of tiresome faces in the forthcoming period – people I work with have shown their true colours and any day away from the office, no matter how tiresome is a treat. Sorry for this outburst on your page, but I feel like confessing to you. Warmest hugs….

  5. I know I’ve said it before, but your daughter’s sewing abilities amaze me.

    Besides Whitby, that you’ve mentioned, I recognise York and Hunstanton in your pics 🙂

    1. That was my lead photo really, but I got sidetracked by the Lisa photos, Ruth. The Uni’s pretty special inside too. I have a couple of Wroclaw posts from my visit last year.

  6. Such a beautiful post as usual Jo and you made a stunning entrance indeed with all the lovely photo’s. I love them all. 🙂 *hugs*

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