I very much like to frame a subject, so when I spotted East of Malaga’s challenge for this month, I had two responses:
1. I absolutely love these photos,
2. If I can possibly squeeze out a little time somewhere, I shall make a submission. After all, a monthly challenge does give you quite a bit of leaway. So, here I go!

What did you think?  Too many?  I do love the drama of them.  Click the first shot to see them in gallery form.

“Less is more”!  Another of those expressions I never quite took to heart.

Speaking of hearts, there are some very warm ones in our blogging world. Simply Charming is just such a person, so if you haven’t yet met her, make just a few minutes of time to go and say hello. If you have, pop by anyway. You’ll get a warm welcome.
Marianne likes us to share two bloggers whose posts we have commented on in the past month.  It’s never easy to choose, but I’m sure Paula at Lost in Translation won’t mind me spreading a little love in her direction. She spreads lots in mine. Paula has a very individual and beautiful style. Go take a look.

That’s me worn out and it’s still early!  Worse yet, I’ve been so engrossed that I haven’t noticed it’s snowing wildly and I’m travelling up to Northumberland today to meet Viv in France. (is that 3 introductions? oh, never mind!)  Wish me luck!

Many thanks, Marianne. Visit East of Malaga to admire and take part.


    1. That one’s proving very popular, Ad. It has a very nice cafe you can hop inside when the weather changes, and you know how important that is in this climate!

  1. Love all your shots, Jo – but my top pick is the popular statue in Hardwick Country Park 🙂

    Thanks for sharing links to three blogs you enjoy visiting – time for me to HOP across and check them out.

    Well done 🙂

    1. Thanks, Gem. I couldn’t decide whether to do this challenge or the Lingering Windows one which I like too. Covered a bit of the same ground but I’m sure I can find some more windows.

  2. Loving your captures – thanks for sharing:) Taking pictures through windows is a challenge due to glare and reflection – sometimes you want that and other times not. Have a Great Day!

  3. oh, Jo…one can never have too many photos especially in a themed collection. here i was enjoying your photos and wow! thank you for the shout out. my morning was made sweeter and brighter! thank you again. my favorite pic is the statue over in Hardwick Park. ♥

  4. Not too many at all …..I know how hard it is to choose 🙂 The museum of Hartlepool is a favourite, but I love the window shots as well. Great job Jo 🙂

  5. Absolutely stunning gallery … my pick must be – Hardwick Country Park – a french photographer taught me that we should always have a frame to photos .. most times I remember it, specially when it’s about buildings and movements.
    I know you will have a great day with Vivi – looking forward to a post about it.

  6. you do have a good eye for framing views jo … i love all those big stone windows and arches, they look so solid … perhaps it is the sense of shelter as you look out into the sky and the view 🙂

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