Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post : Arrangement


An Arrangement naturally speaks to me of flowers.  For many years I have been captivated (wasn’t that last week’s theme?) by the artistry of the Chelsea Flower Show.  Each year I think, maybe this year?  Well, it might be, but in the meantime let me show you some of the most striking arrangements of flowers that I have ever witnessed.

Once every 4 years Tomar in Central Portugal comes alive with the Festa dos Tabuleiros.  When you see the number of paper flowers involved I think you will know why it only takes place 4 yearly.

Chelsea it’s not, but every bit as special in it’s own way.  Click on the first photo to start the slide show rolling.  This link will take you to my original post on the Festa dos Tabuleiros.  What a day that was!

What else does arrangement signify?   Arranged marriages came to mind, probably because I’m reading a historical novel at present.  Check out Jakesprinter’s page to see other interpretations.  Just click on the lucky snake logo or the link.


  1. WOW! I wasn’t able to read your full post because of internet issues of late (living out of a suitcase as we wait for our new home to be ready) … but WOW again! Love love LOVE these photos! Dreamy!!!


  2. this is fabulous jo! i love that it is all paper, recyclable, and their colour schemes are wonderful … thanks for sharing all these views of the festival!


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