Six word Saturday


First signs?  We dare to hope!

I just looked back at my 6WS for this weekend last year, and sure enough, it was full of crocuses (or even, crocii?).  It’s been pretty miserable here the last week or so, but the flowers don’t seem to have noticed.  A garden just around the corner produces the most beautiful tiny deep purple iris each Spring, but you have to be quick- they only last a few of days.

Purple iris

Purple iris

I thought we might take a stroll through some Portuguese countryside to get us in the mood?  It arrives a little earlier there.

First we'll cross a ford

First we’ll cross a shallow ford

A pause to capture these. Sorry but I don't know their name.

A pause to capture these.  Sorry, but I don’t know their name.

A mother and her lamb view us with caution

A mother and her lamb view us with some caution

And then tiny Malhada do Peres, enhanced by the almond blossom

And then the hamlet of Malhada do Peres, enhanced by the almond blossom

Beautiful in close-up

Beautiful in close-up

The river bed is pretty dry, even this early

The river bed is pretty dry, even this early

Then there's this little jewel- a wild orchid

Then there’s this little jewel- a wild orchid

Obviously bird lovers here

Obviously bird lovers live here (or builders!)

I've never seen these fruit on a cactus, either

I’ve never seen these fruit on a cactus, either

All in all, a treasure trove, I think you’ll agree?  What does Spring herald in your part of the world?

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  1. What I would give to be in any of the scenes you have displayed here 🙂 Jo, this fruit on cactus is called prickly pear. When I was on Malta, a friend bought me its liquor :). It is so delicious!!!


    1. Me too, Paula. If it hadn’t been for Lisa’s wedding I could have been very tempted not to come back. A friend on Gibraltar has described the fruits as “Chumbos” but I’ve never heard this expression or tasted the fruit.


  2. Hi Jo, I live in Southeast USA and we are currently enjoying blooming azaleas, dogwood trees, redbud trees, Indian Hawthorne, Chinese Fringe, and tulip magnolias. It’s my favorite time of year, but my allergies are complaining! LOL. Thanks for the lovely photos. ~Terri


  3. It’s looking very spring already from your side of the continent, Jo. We sure had a glimpse of spring yesterday but the forecast is not good with winter re-visiting this weekend with ice and snow expectation. Hmmm…I’m getting tired of the winter already. 😉


    1. Me too, Malou! It’s the same here. Those photos were from the week I spent in the Algarve in late January- a distant memory! My daughter’s wedding was a lovely bright spot in February but it’s back to fog and mud now.


  4. We’ve got a daffodil or two just peeking through – reminding me I have to go and sort out the garden as there’s a wall the rebuild before I can start planting for this year. So nice to have a couple of sunny days and actually get out into the garden at last!


  5. Thanks for the tour around ‘your’ Portugal 🙂
    It looks so welcoming, I love the river bed pic, I can almost feel the sun on my back as I imagine sitting under the tree with a picnic.:-)


    1. We met a lovely couple on the walk, Vicky. The place was deserted so we stopped to exchange a few words, and we stood there, with “the sun on our backs” for ages. It was such a nice day!


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