Cee’s fun foto challenge : wood

When it comes to the elements, I’m definitely drawn to water the most, but I’m also quite a tactile person.  I can never resist stroking a gleaming wood carving, in a park, or museum.  Tree bark often attracts my finger tips, especially the coppery hue of the Tibetan cherry. Cee’s fun foto challenge this week has me looking at photos related to Wood.  It surprised me to see just how many uses we have for it.

Click on any of the photos to start the gallery rolling, then head over to Cee’s page to see the many different interpretations of the challenge.


  1. There is something special about wood, isn’t there? You have put together a great collection of photos for this challenge. My favourite is the rocking with lights all around; quite exquisite.

    1. Thank you, sir. I love the rocking horse too. Newstead Abbey is one of those buildings laden with atmosphere. Everywhere you look, a story, and of course, a photograph.

  2. Love them all but the horse with the lights reminded me of everything magical. Reminds me of Narna but instead of the cabinet, it a wooden horse. You stand around it, make a wish and boom! You are at your happiest childhood place!

  3. Lovely shots Jo ! If I had to pick a favourite ..The ‘almost’ silhouette of the wooden rocking horse with fairylights . I would be tempted to crop it a little, enlarge and make it into a beautiful card 😀

    1. I was looking forward to it, Cee. I won’t be able to take part next week as I’ll be in the Algarve, but hopefully I’ll have lots of lovely new stuff when I come back.

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