Six word Saturday

From Nordic Walking to Swan Lake

Copyright @ Birmingham Royal Ballet website

I guess I’m back to “normal” again, though I still drift off in daydreams of Portugal.  Overall it’s been a good week.  Much tramping about in leaves and mud with my walking groups.  Definitely ended on a high.  How could I get to this age and never have been to a performance of ballet?

The Birmingham Royal Ballet were performing at nearby Sunderland Empire Theatre and I was offered a last minute ticket when somebody dropped out of the group.  Very serendipitous, and very lovely.  I enjoyed every minute.  We had a laughter-packed meal together beforehand at Luciano’s Italian restaurant.  Quite delicious!

Maybe England isn’t so bad.  Off to zumba soon, humming Tchaikovsky as I go.

Hope you’re joining in with Cate’s Six Word Saturday?  She’s a lovely hostess.  The header and links explain what it’s all about.


    1. Love it! We have a home in Tavira in the Algarve, and are regularly there, but this trip we started in Porto. We spent a couple of days in the Douro valley before boating back to Porto (a fabulous experience), then finally to the Algarve. My last couple of posts have been azulejo-crazy!

  1. “Off to zumba soon, humming Tchaikovsky as I go”
    Doesn’t sound like England at all 😀 Don’t know about Zumba, but I do hope I get to watch a live ballet someday.

    1. I hadn’t thought much about it till I was offered a ticket, Tilly. It’s really not the same on TV, and the husband usually flicks the channel off anyway. I loved it.

  2. Always dance away the blues! even by yourself! I love England….so far all my visits there have been wonderful! This is a stunning photo too!

  3. I’ve never had the opportunity to attend a ballet, but someday I hope to! This was such a lovely happenstance for you, and I smiled to think of you there!

  4. It was the first ballet I saw aged about 7 at Covent Garden – all the seats had been taken out and we paid a pound and sat on the floor. Magical memories and the start of a love affair with ballet. Thanks for bringing back the happy memories!

    1. Funny, Ron. My husband calls our son JB. (he’s a James) I looked over my shoulder to see if you meant him? Can’t quite imagine him at the ballet but it’s a fun thought. I loved it, anyway.

  5. I’ve never been to a live performance of a Ballet, each time I fly into Birmingham I hope that the Royal Ballet will be there but so far to no avail. Better luck next time. So glad you enjoyed yourself.

    1. I know. Part of me feels ungrateful. It really was lovely and I know I’m lucky to have been able to go. But I so wish I was back there… Planning, scheming and daydreaming again.

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