Sunday Post : Black & White

The best thing about challenges is when you think to yourself, “I can’t do that”.  And then you discover that you can!  I owe big thanks to Jake of Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post this week for his theme of Black & White.

Now you know I like to hum along, and black and white to me immediately conjurs up those lovely old Fred and Ging movies.  In the wink of an eye I was singing “Heaven, I’m in heaven”….  Even worse, I was twirling around the kitchen!

Yes, I know- but what about the challenge?  I was thinking that I might share some “cheek to cheek” wedding photos, as they’re the only thing I have in black and white.  But I’ve already written that post and wanted to be more original.  Nothing else for it but to “gingerly” embrace technology.  And I was amazed!

Looking down on Funchal from the castle

Porto Moniz

Punta de Sao Lourenco

Monte Palace gardens

The photos are of Madeira because I felt they had that slightly decadent, “of another era” air to them.  I could just picture Fred and Ginger tapping their way through those gardens.  Couldn’t you?

These are the product of an afternoon’s playing with Photo Express and I love it!  I had no idea this was possible, but Jake motivated me to try.  So thanks Jake, for your time and your patience, and all the encouragement.  Click on the dragon logo, or the links, to fly away with Jake, and all will be explained.


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