Sunday Post : Splendid

Would you believe it, he’s got me singing again!  Jakesprinter that is.  His theme for this week’s Sunday Post is Splendid.  So what was I singing?  “Love is a many splendoured thing”, of course.  Quite appropriate as it’s my wedding anniversary this week.

Splendour is a wonderfully old fashioned word.  It suggests to me churches and ornate beauty.  Splendid is maybe a little more casual?

Durham Cathedral and Cloisters

Wawel Cathedral in Krakow

St. Elizabeth’s Chapel, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Wroclaw

Oratorium in Wroclaw University

Ruined Whitby Abbey

Silk panelled walls in Newstead Abbey

The Moors understood the concept of splendid extremely well.

The Lion Courtyard, Alhambra Palace, Granada

A room with a view (Sacromonte, from the Alhambra)

Gardens of the Real Alcazar, Seville

As usual, I had great fun with this.  What will Jake come up with for me to sing along to next week?  You’ll have to come back to find out.  Better still, why not join in the challenge yourself?  Follow the links or click on the flying dragon logo for details.

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    1. Thanks Madhu. When I arrived back from zumba this morning there was a huge bouquet waiting for me! The actual day is tomorrow so I was surprised.
      Off now to change into my garlands! Congrats and enjoy yours too.

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