Six word Saturday

My week as a tour guide

My weeks are often hectic, but this one has excelled itself- mostly in a good way.  The Polish family from Norfolk are coming soon, so I’ll keep this brief.

If you’re ever in Durham, book the Castle tour- it really is fabulous!

Just one highlight- the carved pews in the Chapel

The University Library is having a makeover. These are the glass entry doors. Pass through to buy your tickets for the Castle tour. The Lindisfarne Gospels are coming soon- awesome!

Replica door knocker at the Cathedral- they won’t turn you away.

A rainy day on the Cathedral roof. Of course, we still went up there!

Newcastle Quayside, celebrating the Olympics

A view from my favourite “Eye” (Gateshead Millenium Bridge) across to the Sage Theatre

And of course, the Millenium Bridge from the Baltic Gallery viewing platform

Welcome to York- the Medieval gatehouse sits nonchalantly beside traffic lights.

The city walls are a great place to start

The gardens at the Treasurer’s House

We used to make brass rubbings here.

I could definitely use a seat in one of the numerous shops.

Or maybe Betty’s Tearooms would be a better choice? (just visible in the corner)

St. Mary’s unique church at Whitby

It was a pleasure talking to the church warden. So many tales to tell.

Whitby Abbey is incomparable

The setting is superb

And the craftsmanship- how did they achieve this?

I have really appreciated seeing my world through my niece’s eyes, and will miss her when she goes to Norfolk tomorrow.  She has one further week in the UK before her return to Poland.  We certainly packed a lot in.  I haven’t included the local stuff, the 1st birthday party, or the one for my 96 year old aunt, Isa!

I’m sharing my world on the invitation of Cath of Show My Face, and am grateful for the opportunity to do so.  If you have six words that would sum up your week, why not join in?  Just follow the links or the header to do so.  More 6WS’s on this pretty button.


    1. Thanks Sami. It stands so proudly on the headland. I took loads of photos of it and couldn’t decide which to share! St. Mary’s Church shares the same spot, and after chatting to the warden, I’m looking forward to going back in December when it contains 100 Christmas trees, all lit by candles.

  1. Hi Jo ~~ I am sold!!! 🙂

    I believe you are a wonderful tour guide. If you aren’t worn out and if we meander up next time we visit the London kids we might get some tips from you. We generally stay there for a month or so at a time a couple of times a year and leave for bits (or a cruise, a couple of times now) but haven’t been up your way. We also somehow have missed Wales.

    The kids are here now, Karen (Karen on the run) goes back Sunday for work and the SIL and girls will follow in a week. Here is the 3-year-old when we took her to our circus:
    With granddaughter at the circus–Jim’s Six Words for August 4

  2. I am glad you took us on this wonderful tour. I love the beautirful images you have taken. Since I may never see them in person I am glad I follow your blog and can experience your travels through your eyes.


  3. I love tour guides, being with them or being one! I should really do it for a living…maybe one day. My daughter was our tour guide when we went to London as she studied there and new it well…she took us to Bath and we had the best high tea ever there….among other things…it was wonderfu learning about new customs of other countries! You did very well. That people made me feel right at home and I’m all the way across the ocean blues!

  4. I wish one day I get to see these amazing and beautiful places. For now, i get these pictures to remind me of the places I hoped to see. I would love to see a castle in person. Great travel trips. Thanks for sharing them. Have a fun weekend.

    1. And with the house full and his bed occupied, my son came home and I’m constructing a make-do bed at 11 at night! Ah well- peace tomorrow. Or maybe the next day?

  5. There’s so much of England I’ve not explored yet Including this part of the country. Such wonderful buildings! Plus I hear that The Magpie Cafe in Whitby is where you will find the best ‘Fish and Chips’ in England?

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