Six word Saturday

I had a right Royal week

Did you?

It was all a bit of an anti climax when life went back to normal on Wednesday, but wasn’t it great while it lasted?  The water pageant fully lived up to expectations, despite the dreariest of weather.  I was smitten by the sight of Charles and Camilla dining al fresco with the crowds in Piccadilly.  Grace Jones had me mesmerised by her hoola-hooping ability.  Madness on the Palace roof?  It only needed Jubilee scarecrows to make my weekend complete.

Elwick is such a pretty village, and was enhanced by its patriotic finery.

 Though I couldn’t quite fathom why the lion was sleeping on the front lawn?

I was proud of the village for their efforts this year.  There are lots more photos in

I had hoped to visit Castle Eden Village to check out the royal theme going on in their scarecrow festival too, but a combination of atrocious weather and French Open tennis kept me away.  Probably just as well.  You can have too much of a good thing?

Time to ask for a rousing cheer, in good old English fashion, for Cate of Show My Face.  It’s thanks to her I get a chance to sum up my week in six words, whether she’s happy or sad.  Follow the link to see what it’s all about, and join in.  Why not?

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  1. I love your country dear Johanna and always fascinates me… This village is amazing and proud of. I love these windows of your architecture… Wonderful photographs… seems that it was a great fun. Thank you, with my love, nia


  2. We followed the celebrations on American TV Jo and were so suprised at the extended coverage given to the event by US TV. They genuinely appeared to be so happy for the royal family, the Queen in particular. Mind you, the weather was similar in New England, a washout.


  3. Oh lucky you! But, I’ve been having a really fun time getting to see all the fun and great decorations around your lovely country!


  4. My mom-in-law was from England. I loved her so much, and enjoyed all of her stories. My husband was born over there, but grew up in America. I got to visit there for a month with my hubby when he retired. Such a beautiful place!

    I enjoyed your post today!

    Happy Saturday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


  5. How fortunate for you to have witnessed all of this!! My mom wondered if the poor Queen wasn’t quite frozen and exhausted standing all those hours? The Lion .. I feel like there’s a story there from history, it’s twirling in the back of my mind from a book I’ve read, if I remember, I’ll come back and post..


    1. I have friends who were on the Embankment, and say it was perishing, Smidge! No wonder Philip ended up in hospital. But that’s their style, isn’t it? And maybe why they’re loved again so much. (it wasn’t always so!)
      Thanks m’dear.


      1. Well, yipee! I’ve got a new quote up today, so you can take your pick (or do both. 🙂 )
        I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with. 😉 Enjoy your getaway, Jo!


  6. Sounds like you did Elwick and the Scarecrow Festival up right, Jo. 🙂 Our kids abandoned London for the long weekend and went to Tenerife. Great pictures, I liked the card crows especially.

    We have our Scarecrow Festivals in the fall and they are associated with Halloween.
    We like the Chappel Hill Festival as it is less than a two-hour drive from our house.


    1. Hi Wayne! Did you have fun with the young uns? (haven’t been over to 6WS yet, in case you’ve already covered that) Don’t know if you followed the link but there were some really good scarecrows this year. I think the balcony scene on the pub is my favourite though.


  7. Jo, your pictures really brought out the Britishness of the celebrations – or is it that the celebrations brought out the Britishness? Either way, I’m glad you had a right royal week:)


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