Six word Saturday

A hodge podge of a week!

In a week where the finals of the tennis in Rome were rained off and had to be played on Monday, my week was out of sinc from the word go.  Two of my passions collided and I left my walking group to their own devices and hovered near the TV.  Happy to say that Rafa won, so it was worthwhile!  It was a grey day anyway.  (I know I’m sad, but a passion is a passion)

Heat then wrapped around our blessed isle and on Wednesday, after t’ai chi, I met a lady friend, thinking we’d have a lovely walk on our Headland beach.  Well, we did, but it was enveloped in thick fog!  Normally it looks like this:


But not today.  Sadly I didn’t have my camera- sometimes it seems rude to be snapping away when you are enjoying someone else’s company.  I wished I had though because I would have loved to capture the eeriness of the lonesome sailboats wending their way out of the harbour.

More than that, I could have shown you the great conversion job that’s been done to the chapel, now Mary Rowntree’s Victorian Tearooms.  The project had lots of council opposition and had been ongoing for years.  The result is fabulous. Have a  look at  It has some wonderful photos of Old Hartlepool and if you look down the left hand sidebar there is just one shot of Mary Rowntree’s.  If you click on it to enlarge you’ll get some idea of the place.

Thursday, as some of you know, I was Nordic walking and riding a steam train in North Yorkshire.  I couldn’t wait to write this post : but here are a few extra shots if you don’t have time to read it.

Grosmont village

“The Green Knight” steams in!

All aboard!

Oops, silly me! You get the picture, anyway.

And finally, the picnic spot

I guess that’s worn everybody out with my week!  As usual I’m saying thank you to Cate of Show My Face for coming up with the idea of Six word Saturday, though I know I abuse it.  She’d love you to join in.  The details are in the link and in the banner at the top of the page.  Thanks for reading, and please, if you have the stamina, come back next week.


  1. Wow what a week! You fit so much in and still manage to update your blog at least twice a week. The beach looks lovely – we have to make do with pebbles down here. I was once in an hotel lobby with Rafa (my hero too!) thing was I didn’t realise until someone told me after we left – he was hiding behind a newspaper 😀

  2. Jo, that was a fun train ride, wasn’t it. The scenery up there is beautiful. Were you in Rome for those matches?

    One of these days I am going to do what you did this time, tell about the pictures I could have had had I had my camera with me.

    That happened the day we saw the Queen going in her carriage to address Parliment (my May 19th 6WS post was about that) earlier this month. I had my camera but had left the battery in its charger at Karen’s flat. Oh well, we got to see her and the press had a fine picture of her for my blog.

    Jim’s Six Word Saturday

    1. BTW, I couldn’t find you on Cate’s Mr. Linky this week. I used other devious means to find you here. 🙂

    2. Hi Jim!

      No I’ve never seen Rafa in person, though I would love to see him at Wimbledon or in the London Olympics this year. No plans though, so I’ll be glued to that TV again. The French Open starts today- more Rafa time.

      Thank you so much for taking the trouble to find me “a devious way”. I don’t understand enough about technology to know why the linky didn’t work. It usually does?

      On the same subject I remember smiling at your Queenie post last week Did you not post 6WS this week? I’ll have to go back and check. Thanks for your support.

    1. Thought I’d better leave out yesterday’s t’ai chi and this morning’s zumba class. You’ll be thinking I’m hyperactive, never mind restless! Thank you.

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