Six word Saturday

“A Day” project- did you participate?

I’m not sure where I first saw details of the A day project but it seemed like a fun idea- people from all over the world recording their day for posterity, on May 15th.  The day dawned cold and wet, but undeterred off I went with my camera.  Take lots of photos, it said on the website So I did, but then discovered that I was only allowed to upload 10!  You just know I’m going to share a few more, don’t you?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did anyone else submit photos?  I’d love to see the results.

Can I also use this space to say how very much I am going to miss the support and participation in the blogging world of my dear friend Sonel of Sonel’s Corner.  She has decided to take a break from blogging but I very much hope that she will be back soon.  Her blog was a real source of inspiration for me.

Thanks are due as usual to Cate of Show My Face for encouraging us to share our week in Six word Saturday.  There’s always room for new members, so why not join in?  Just click on the link or the banner above for more details.  You can read my previous posts on my Six word Saturday page.  See you next week.



    1. I was looking forward to seeing everyone’s contribution and thought I’d be swamped with replies. I nearly didn’t bother myself as we were just back from the Algarve and, as you saw, it was cold and wet.
      I know- you were too busy cooking scrummy food and writing verse!


  1. What a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing with us. This is a project that really needs to get lots more promo time. It would be such a treat to see a little glimpse of life all around the world! I enjoyed your photos so much. Gorgeous.


    1. Thank you. I’ve been searching online for others who took part and I’m surprised at how few responses I’ve seen. Impatient for the results at the end of the month now.


  2. That was a nice thing to do, Jo. 🙂 Your day was very pleasant. I am glad you saw your aunt. Also the kid in the swing, our two and a half year old in London knows those words, ‘higher papa.’ The other dids asked for higher too. Is this a sign of things to come from this generation?

    Is the A Day Project annual or periodic? I’d like to do that some time.

    Hartlepool is a nice quiet looking town. The furthest north in England we have been was Lakenheath, up past Cambridge. The HMS Trincomalee was new to me and turned out to be very interesting as I read about it in Wikipedia. We have a tall ship, Elissa, the Official Tall Ship of Texas, based here in Galveston, Texas. It has been restored and is still operational. It was built in 1877 in Scotland.

    I scrolled down to peek in on your Portugal write-up. We have been up and down the Eastern Europe coast driving a couple of times and through Spain from top to bottom and side to side but missed Portugal. On this time’s cruise we did go to Madeira.



    1. Thanks Jim. It seems a bit obscure. The results will be published on the site at the end of the month. If it’s a success they may well repeat it. I’ll keep you posted.


      1. Sorry Jim- only saw half of your comments! Portugal’s worth a stop off, but Madeira is beautiful too. Did you cable car up to the top?


    1. Sure I heard about it in the blogging world but it didn’t seem to have much publicity. Shame,I thought there would have been loads of take up. I’m waiting for 30th May when they publish all the results.


  3. what a lovely set of pictures … you’d have hated us joining in over here – we had 100 degrees sunshine all day 🙂
    bit more cloudy today and cooler you’ll be glad to hear! 😉


  4. Oops – I forgot! It looks as though your weather is pretty much the same as ours. I was impressed with your pictures of Hartlepool. Considering how often I visit the NE, it is strange that I have never been there.


    1. It doesn’t seem to’ve had much publicity Viv, which is partly why I posted this. Or maybe I don’t look in the right places!
      It’s not a bad-looking place these days, shopping centre and weather excepted, of course.


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