Six word Saturday

Happy Easter

to one and all

Joyful Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Easter blessings

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

So many ways to say have a happy and joyful Easter.  Thought I’d share with you some of the cards from my Polish family.  They are especially poignant this year because on 31st March, my Uncle Włodek’s wife Janina died, quite suddenly, of cancer.

This post is to celebrate the memory of Janina, who, in the precious few years I knew her, sent me some beautiful cards.  God bless and keep you always.

Have a peaceful, joyous Easter!

Don’t forget to come back and play Cate’s Six word Saturday next week.


  1. What pretty cards. And it is so nice that they hold special memories for you. Sorry to hear of your Uncle’s wife…May the Lord comfort you!

  2. Lovely Easter cards, and what a lovely way to remember a special member of the family! When I lived in Germany many years ago, my family in the US loved getting the holiday greetings and decorations we would send. Thank you for sharing these with us!

  3. Those cards are soooo pretty, Jo. We didn’t send Easter cards though we did receive on from an OLD friend.

    Your friends must have thought a lot of Janina and knew of your relationship of love with her. She must have been a terrific person! I am very sorry for your loss.

  4. I wondered where you’d gotten these, they looked pretty enough to frame. It will be especially poignant this year for your family, then, wishing you a lovely Easter. xoxo

    1. Thanks Madhu. Some of the photos are a bit wonky but they’re such beautiful cards. I can never find ones as nice to send to Poland. If I were arty like my daughter I’d make lovely ones of my own.

    1. Thanks Aly. Easter is such a special time in Catholic countries. Are you going to any celebrations? The one at Sao Bras tomorrow is beautiful.
      Dad is usually in Poland at this time but we have family here from Canada so he’s going a bit later. I only met Janina twice, but have spent quite a bit of time with her lovely daughter Grazyna, who lives in Norfolk.

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