Six word Saturday

Flat Ruthie lights up my week

I always loved playing with cardboard cutout dolls when my daughter was small, so I was enthralled when I came upon the website Cardboard Me Travels, while indulging in a little armchair travel myself.

Flat Ruthie meets Snoopy and Old Bear

I hastened to to find out more, and in no time at all a pink envelope was slipping onto my doormat, all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  My introduction to Flat Ruthie was complete.

This young lady doesn’t like to stay in one place too long, her restless nature being on a par with mine, so it was off to Hartlepool marina on the first sunny day available.  Just look at that blue sky!

Flat Ruthie boarding PSS Wingfield Castle in Hartlepool marina

And "hanging out" with boats

I had great fun with “the shoot” and it made a lovely post. I couldn’t help but notice there were Six Words in the title.  Hmmm!

It didn’t end there.  Through the week Ruthie accompanied me to t’ai chi, Nordic walking (no suitable miniature poles for her, alas) and even zumba, making fans along the way.  She was even responsible for introducing me to Flat Stanley.

Flat Stanley, from Wikipedia

She also tweaked my memory and caused me to seek out another awesome blog that takes me back to happy days playing with Fuzzy Felts.  The child in me is reluctant to take a back seat, and I am a lifelong Snoopy fan.  What better way to end this post.  Huge thanks to Flat Ruthie for brightening up my week. (And to “Big Ruth” of course- I’m sure she’s really not!- without whom none of this would be possible)

"Oh Snoopy, I love your nose"

Thanks also to Cate at whose blog I am just about to visit.  Why don’t you come too?  You might just get hooked.  Follow my other Six word Saturdays on the logo below.


  1. double congratulations!!! being the mother of the bride is an awesome experience… hope you will enjoy it fully! And the HUG award is such an honor… extreme congrats on that one!!!!

    To answer your query… it is a virtual party……… grab a copy of Skewered Halo… write a review and link up… then the party begins!

  2. Great post! I can see Flat Ruthie is getting spoiled all over..hehehe
    Love the photo’s. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. great post! we had ‘Stan’ delivered to us from a friend – owned by a young person in America – and we took Stan all round the Algarve and sent his pics back via FB – it was such fun!
    at this rate there’ll be a ‘flat’ dating agency starting up?!
    have a great weekend!

  4. How cute! Visiting you from 6WS. I had heard of Flat Stanley before, in fact a local weather station had a similar flat stanley or flat ruthie visiting from a school in the east and they were having the flat person participate with the weather report and other news cast one day last week. I think it is a wonderful thing to do to see where they end up with what adventures. A few years back a blogging friend of mine did a virtual vacation that I “won” with a similar concept. Whoever won sent her their picture which she made into a flat person and took them all around Southern Florida and then recorded the adventures in her blog. I don’t post my picture on my blog but at the time my blog involved our corgi that was well known in blog land so he went on vacation to Florida. It was quite an adventure! I hope you enjoy(ed) your time with Flat Ruthie!


    1. Hi Betty! Lovely to meet you.
      As I mentioned in the post I’ve taken Ruthie around with me quite a bit this past week, and it’s surprising how many people had similar stories to tell. It stirred so many memories with people, and there I was oblivious to it all till I spotted Cardboard Me Travels. So glad I did. She’s opened the door to yet more friends.

  5. I’m so glad you had time to spend with Flat Ruthie. She is a special flat lady that is easy to accompany on her travels. I know you had fun hosting her. I looking forward to doing the same.


  6. Very creative post. I love the idea of “Flat Ruthie” to accompany you on your travels. I’ll look to check in on your post for more travels. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

    1. Always nice to meet a fellow traveller. I can’t claim any credit for the original idea though- it’s all down to Ruth at Cardboard Me Travels. She’s well worth following.

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