Six Word Saturday


Music in the Churches of Tavira

Sao Sebastiao Church, Tavira

The Tavira Academy of Music have been running “Music in the Churches” for 5 years now.  It’s a wonderful opportunity and also a huge pleasure to lend support to the community, for just 2 euros.  Last Saturday we were treated to a superb performance of Mozart, Chopin and some of his own work by pianist Luis Conceicao. (wearing an overcoat and woolly muffler, bless him- it was a little “fresh” in the church)

I would love to be there for this weeks classical guitar performance by Rui Mourinho- alas I’m back in England, but with some lovely memories.  If you’re nearby he’s at Sao Sebastiao Church 6-7pm this evening.  The venues vary week to week.

Why not join in with this Six Word Saturday challenge?  The details are all on



  1. Hi Jo, thanks for your kind comment and for noticing my absence! I didn’t want to mention this on my current post so thought I’d hide it away here, but actually I suffer from depression from time to time which robs me of any enthusiasm to go walking/cycling and to blog, but thankfully I am beginning to feel better now. Thanks for your concern, much appreciated. Denzil


    1. I’ve just come back to my blog and seen this, Denzil. You have my heartfelt sympathy. My mother was mildly depressive and my son-in-law has a serious personality disorder. You are not alone. I know it’s not easy and I appreciate your sharing this. I hope that you can go forward. 🙂


  2. Beautiful to see – I bet it would also be beautiful to hear.

    And as a bonus to me, for getting here late, I got to see all the colorful photos in the Carnaval post. That looks like an amazing time!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


    1. Thanks everyone. The amazing thing in Tavira is how many restorations have been done. The Santa Ana Church was finished a year or two ago and I noticed this trip there was scaffolding up on another. More venues for Music in the Churches- it really is a lovely thing.


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